Both Connecticut and Maryland have passed gun and magazine bans in their respective Houses, sending the bills to their respective Senates where passage is expected thanks to a preponderance of gun-hating leftist Democrats willing to disarm their constituents.

Beretta has told Maryland that they aren’t bluffing in their threat to relocate out of that state.

“Why expand in a place where the people who built the gun couldn’t buy it?” said Jeffrey Reh, general counsel for Beretta.

…In testimony this month in Annapolis, Reh, who oversees the plant, warned lawmakers to consider carefully the company’s future. Reh pointed to the last time Maryland ratcheted up gun restrictions in the 1990s: Beretta responded by moving its warehouse operation to Virginia.

“I think they thought we were bluffing” in the 1990s, Reh said. “But Berettas don’t bluff.”

No word from Colt on plans to move out of Hartford, Connecticut, long the company’s home.

It is more than ironic that the region of this nation that were among the first to fight for independence from England 230-some years ago are the first to disarm their citizenry, exchanging their freedom and liberty for perceived security.

2 thoughts on “Connecticut, Maryland gun bans pass first hurdle… passage expected”
  1. The people of Connecticut have forgotten that the British were out to disarm the Revolutionary forces, that started the war in the first place. Are these New England states unaware that they were once the birthplace of liberty?

  2. Years and years and years of making “good deals” with people who literally hate the Second Amendment (and inalienable rights in general) because of the boundaries it puts on government power has led us to where we are now – a situation where the nibble nibble nibble just jumped up to a devouring bite.

    This should demonstrate once and for all that the “it could be worse if we don’t make this deal” attitude at best only delays the worse from coming to pass. The instant the banners and grabbers see an opportunity, like a Sandy Hook, they exploit even children’s deaths to exact their unconstitutional intentions.

    Now, especially in Connecticut, the democrats will point at “bi partisan” support because weak kneed “Republicans” made a “deal”. Democrats will escape ownership with low information voters ala sequester style.

    No deals! If this is to happen here, which it still might, it should happen with Republicans standing firmly opposed on inalienable rights grounds. Sadly, far too many still hold on to the idea that being eaten last is a”good deal”.

    We will never defend our rights making deals. We will only gain and retain them by standing up and fighting for them. We still have an opportunity to fight with words here. We should choose our ammo carefully. Starting right now with NO DEALS!

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