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N.Y. Dad’s Pistol License Suspended Over Something His 10-Year-Old Son Said — and It Could Be 8 Years Before He Gets It Back

New York (Blaze) – A New York father has had his firearms all but confiscated after the Suffolk County Pistol License Bureau suspended his pistol license indefinitely over a perceived threat made by his 10-year-old son and two of his classmates at school.

John Mayer, of Commack, N.Y., told TheBlaze that the incident occurred on March 1. It was like any other day, the father explained. He put his son on the bus and sent him off to school.

Later that day, Mayer got a call from school officials informing him that his 10-year-old son and two other students were talking about going to a boy’s house with a water gun, “paint gun” and a BB gun. There had reportedly been a school yard pushing incident the day before involving the boys, excluding Mayer’s son, and they were seemingly talking about getting even in some way.

Mayer told TheBlaze that a teacher overheard the students talking and immediately called police and filed a report. He said the teacher told police something to the effect of, there’s a “kid with a gun, ready to go.” Mayer maintains that no serious death threats were made by the students. The Hauppauge Public School District has not returned several messages left by TheBlaze, therefore, it is not clear what they are claiming was said.

School officials then “interrogated” the boys, Mayer explained. It was later determined that the 10-year-old boys did not have access to a BB gun, paintball gun or any actual firearms.

The school’s principal later informed the father that his son would be suspended for two days for the incident. But the ordeal was far from over.

Mayer said police officers were then deployed to his home where he was advised by officers that they might have to confiscate his firearms, which he says were all properly stored and secured. “I just couldn’t believe what was happening,” he told TheBlaze.

The following Monday, Mayer got a call from the Suffolk County Pistol Licensing Bureau. He was reportedly told that his license would be suspended and police would arrive at his house the next morning to retrieve his handguns. Acting quickly on the advice of his attorney, Mayer transferred all 15 of his handguns to his friend to prevent them from being confiscated. He also transferred his long arms to a local gun store out of fear that police would attempt to confiscate them as well.

However, that hardly fixed the problem.

Mayer’s pistol license has been suspended until further notice and he says officials have informed him that the suspension could last until his son moves out of his home. His son is only 10-years-old, meaning it could be eight years or longer before his license is restored.

“All my handguns are gone,” Mayer said, letting out a sigh of exasperation.

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    1. Because the right to keep and bear arms applies to every Freeman no matter where he may be within these United States. That’s why.

      Folks should take note of this article. If there isn’t a permission slip, a pistol permit, at all then there isn’t a pistol permit to threaten to take away or to actually take away. Illinois has no carry permit structure and we should stand united AGAINST the creation of it.

      “Shall” issue does ZERO good when there are a million and one ways to revoke it. Indeed, it’s just a de facto back door “may” issue with another costly step to deny a person their inalienable rights.

      No permission slips, period! With this article being a classic example why creating carry permits is a horrible idea here in Illinois, I ask everyone to picture Illinois gun grabbers hunting every excuse they can think of to suspend and revoke carry permits. Consider that carefully.

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