Say hello to Aidan Folan.  He’s a liberal Democrat, according to his Facebook page, no doubt a supporter of gun bans and gun control.

He studied journalism and his most recent day job was as a counselor for the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York.

Aidan’s evening job?

Check this out:



It would seem Aidan’s been moonlighting as a hoodlum, beating innocent people for their valuables.  What a courageous fraternity member, displaying courage, integrity and bravery…  oops, wrong story.

Here’s what he did to that woman.

What a worthless piece of asocial human debris.

The bad news was that NYPD was unable to run him down for three weeks, despite the video and the victim’s description of him.

The good news is that the video was released and in less than an hour, Internet sleuths found Aidan and turned cops onto him.

(Gothamist) – Yesterday, 21-year-old Aidan Folan was arrested in connection with the vicious attack against a woman at an F train station in Borough Park last month. Folan, who was charged with robbery and assault in the second degree in the incident, was recognized thanks to the black hoodie he was wearing, which had “Alpha Phi Delta” on the front and “Stugotz” and the number 27 on the back. It turns out that one of Folan’s frat brothers ratted him out to cops after seeing the surveillance video of the attack: “Being human beings, we felt compelled to do that,” the fraternity member told the Post. “I think any human being would feel compelled. We were just appalled.”

The Internet is having fun with Aidan’s likeness…




And the second one:


(Adventures of a Broken Soldier) – I am a disabled combat veteran. I served in Iraq and worked in Afghanistan. I took an IED because my country asked me too, and I was injured by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. I have a Purple Heart and an ARCOM with Valor. I fully expect to be treated differently when I am visiting another country – when I am in America I expect equality and toleration; but what I experienced today is something that I never would have thought I’d have to go through in my own country. The country I fought for!

I am a skydiver with around 300 jumps under my belt. I’ve done jumps from 30,000 feet, helicopters, hot air balloons, wingsuit skydives and so forth. So with that being said I travel around doing this sport quite a bit. Today was my second time at a dropzone called “Florida Skydiving Center / Skydive Lake Wales”.

Coincidentally there are soldiers from the country of Qatar being trained there.

The picture is of the tattoo I have. Here is the definition of said tattoo: “Kafir (Arabic: كافر‎ kāfir, plural كفّار kuffār) is an Arabic term used in an Islamic doctrinal sense, usually translated as “unbeliever,” “disbeliever,” or “infidel.” The term refers to a person who rejects God or who hides, denies, or covers the “truth.” The Muslim’s from Qatar saw that tattoo and complained to the dropzone. Once they did so I was called to the back office and asked to cover it up by the OWNER. Not that I would, but its 80 something degrees here today, and that would be an unreasonable request. After I told her that I had no pants to cover it up she told me that she has DUCT TAPE that I can use to cover it. I told the lady that I was not going to cover it up, as it was nothing more than a tattoo saying “I am not a Muslim”. After beating around the bush for a few minutes entertaining me while I was trying to convince her otherwise, she asked me to leave.

What kind of America do we live in where someone comes back from war; disabled and decorated… while serving overseas was called an “infidel” for over 2 years, and then get asked to leave an establishment because of a tattoo I have that says just that, because of a culture of people visiting our country, and an American Business with no ethical sense or a backbone for that matter.

I am honestly offended and embarrassed by how I was treated at skydive lake wales.

Please, send them your feelings on the subject. Here is their contact information.

Florida Skydiving Center
440 S Airport Rd, Lake Wales, FL
(863) 678-1003

2 thoughts on “Couple of social media hits today… good reads”
  1. I can say one thing…if the THUG had been a Sigma Chi from Michigan State, at any time in the last sixty years, there would have been no need for police investigation.

    That boy would have been BEAT TO A PULP and left on the front steps of the ELPD.

    Of course, Sigma Chi would never have let such a dirftuck in. . . in the first place.

    What’s the matter with dem Alpha Phi Betas?

  2. Oh, and never capitalize musloon. it’s a dirty culture. Not entitled to the respect of the upper case………..

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