Chicagoland is slated to see the warmest temperatures of the year this weekend.

And you know what that means!

It means mobs of unruly black teens – as acknowledged by even the mainstream media – will be out prowling and growling on the Magnificent Mile, Gold Coast and elsewhere in the gun-free, gun control paradise of Chicagoland, engaging in wilding attacks on non-black tourists and shoppers, vandalism and general disorderly conduct – quite possible coordinated in advance on social media.

Bring out the Crime Scene Cleanup guys and gals, folks.  It’s going to be a banner weekend for them.

It’s just another day on the gun control plantation of Chicago, where only the bad guys carry guns, leaving the good guy easy pickings for violence inclined bad people.

That may be changing soon though, for a couple of reasons.

World Net Daily picked up the story, noting that it’s just a matter of time until some Chicago visitor will come armed and dispatch a violent attacker or two…:


Cops warn Chicago tourists soon will be armed

Second City Cop, a widely read blog run by current and former Chicago police officers, now has shared an ominous prediction with WND:

[I]t is almost a certainty that if these “wildings” continue, the casual tourist will become a rarity in short order, and a tourist intent on enjoying Chicago will come to town armed, as many already do. You don’t hear about it because they aren’t usually confronted by criminals.

Given the “current lawless climate” in the city, “it is likely, almost a certainty that someone will have to defend themselves or a loved one from the out-of-control individuals currently prowling through Chicago.”

…New details are emerging into mob violence that took place in an upscale, ordinarily safe part of Chicago over the weekend. Witnesses report that up to 500 “teens” assaulted pedestrians and shoppers with no provocation, hospitalizing at least one.

One victim claimed that her attackers had “knives or box cutters, and padlocks possibly placed inside socks.”

…One target of the attacks was a 27-year-old woman returning from dinner with her mother on Chicago public transportation. According to a Chicago Tribune report, the woman saw a “group of girls” boarding the train who “appeared to want to pick a fight.”

“This girl started blowing smoke in my face, and she flicked her cigarette ashes at me,” the woman said. “I said: ‘You need to put that out,’ and the next thing I know there’s all these girls that jumped on top of us.”

At that point, the group started to punch her face and grab at her hair to attack her. The woman reportedly claimed that the group “had knives or box cutters, and padlocks possibly placed inside socks.”

The woman described her attempts to protect herself: “I put my head down between my legs so they would stop beating me in the face, but they were trying to pull my face up and hit me more,” she said. “They ripped out chunks of my hair, and I’ve got a black eye and bruises on my face, and all over my back and shoulder.”

“I’ve never been scared like this before,” the woman said. “We were just minding our own business. … It was really, really violent.”

The second reason tourists and shopper will be armed on or before June 9th, 2013 is the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals strike-down of Illinois’ prohibition on the carrying of firearms outside the home.  The stay suspending that decision expires June 9th, allowing everyone in Illinois with a FOID card, or non-residents with a carry permit, to carry concealed firearms in Illinois if politicians don’t implement — that’s not “plan”, not “talk about”, not “discuss” or “negotiate”, but to implement –  a carry law prior to the pending expiration of the stay.



In short, do not travel to Chicago for tourist reasons.  Avoid Chicago for business reasons unless your life depends on it – and quite frankly, you’re risking your life and well-being visiting Chicago.  While you probably will be okay, prudent people do what’s necessary to avoid potential conflict or criminal attack, and that would mean avoiding Chicago.


Illustrations of how and why Chicago is screwed up, aside from the criminal violence?

How about the Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney and her boyfriend who were arrested for attacking a man and fighting with cops while drunk.

Somehow, they were acquitted by a judge that was a former Assistant State’s Attorney.

Second City Cop has the case:

Remember the drunken nutjob ASA on video repeatedly calling a CPD Officer a “f***ing whore” after being arrested after biting a shop owner on the north side?; The video went viral, three witnesses backed the store owner and the cops on the scene displayed amazing restraint with this entitled and clouted asshole.

Cleared of all charges late on a Friday (in hope of burying the story):

Chicago (Sun-Times) – A judge acquitted a Cook County prosecutor and her boyfriend of all counts against them Friday involving a scuffle in which she was accused of sinking her teeth into a man’s leg.

Associate Judge Anthony John Calabrese made the ruling after testimony that painted a less-than-pretty picture of Sarah Naughton and Bradley Gould’s Sept. 22 night out.

Defense attorneys Jeffrey Aprati and Rick Bueke said Naughton and Gould, both 31 at the time, were battered in an overly zealous eviction from a lingerie store.

At least three witnesses Friday suggested Naughton and her boyfriend, Gould, appeared drunk and out-of-control outside Taboo Tabou, 854 W. Belmont. David Boone said Naughton bit his leg during the scuffle, requiring him to get a tetanus shot.

And Naughton kept telling people she was an assistant state’s attorney, according to testimony presented by prosecutor Daniel Nikolic, a member of the Illinois attorney general’s office.


And then there’s the ghetto lottery winner:

Again, from Second City Cop:

  • The city of Chicago has agreed to pay $55,000 to a South Side mom who was Tasered by a cop when she was eight months pregnant.Tiffany Rent, 31, sued the city after [the officer] used his stun gun to subdue her in front of her two young children during a dispute about a parking ticket outside a Walgreens store on June 5 last year.She claimed two other officers, […], mocked and laughed at her as she writhed in pain.
And what exactly provoked this outrageous response from officers?
  • But the city denied that allegation and also said the officers didn’t know Rent was pregnant. Rent was Tasered after she parked in a disabled spot, then tore up a parking ticket and refused to show an ID to Pippen, police said at the time.The settlement city attorneys agreed with Rent last week “is not, in any way, an admission of wrongdoing by the City or any officers involved,” Law Department spokesman Roderick Drew said.
And the loud obnoxious behavior mentioned in the case reports? The wild swinging of the arms and kicking?  The announcement of being placed under arrest and then fighting being handcuffed? That would fit the ILCS definition of an Active Resister and an Assailant, both covered under the Use of Force model as actions where a Taser can be deployed.And here comes McOpenMouth-InsertFoot with his two cents worth:
  • In the aftermath of the incident, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said stun guns should be used “when you’re overcoming an assault or preventing escape.”


The good news in Chicago, though:

Mayor Rahm, the tiny ballerina dancer, will be out and about in the city, making sure the dead weren’t Democrat constituents of his.  Here he is, checking voter rolls at recent homicide scenes, as recorded in photos sent to Second City Cop.



2 thoughts on “Chicago’s weekend forecast: Violent, with a chance of deadly”
  1. A public awareness campaign in media should be taking place right now. Republicans should be making clear that no preemption legislation is going to be entertained until July Fourth. Thus FOID holders WILL be carrying both openly and concealed all across this state and in Chicago especially. It is irresponsible to do anything less.

    The CRIMINALS should be put on notice openly as is done above. Wide and far.
    So too should law enforcement understand that meeting armed civilians can no longer be dealt with is criminals but as citizens exercising their rights. For disregarding their responsibility to respect the rights of the individual will make the taxer slot machine payout look like chump change.

    Criminals and LEO both have to accept that “change has come” to Illinois. Both will pay dearly if they try to continue business as usual.

  2. When dealing with the Chicago mentalitity nothing is intellegent. These assholes dictate to the entire state and only their opinions matter and to hell with the rest of the state. Lets think now, Chicago has the highest crime and murder rate in Illinois, most politicians convicted of criminal activities and then get re-elected to office, most Governors convicted and sent to prision How about this for a second how about the citizens of Chicago educate themselves in politics and cast an intellegent vote for a change irregardless of skin color or ethnic background, try running your own damn lives instead of dictating the entire state conform to your opinions

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