Don’t mess with momma grizzly!

Bonnie Garrett didn’t know she had a ticket in the bucket for the Glock 19 at the Pontiac GSL monthly meeting Tuesday night, but her dad put her name on one of the stubs he bought before the meeting.  It was the lucky ticket pulled.  She’s pictured here with the newest  member of the GSL family, Evan Dean Garrett, aged two weeks and five days.

Don’t be a low-information type and think, “Eh, she’s a girl.  She probably doesn’t know how to eject the magazine, much less handle that gun.”

Bonnie is quite an accomplished shooter and graduate of a number of shooting schools, both regional and national.  She’s also an instructor with GSL Defense Training and former corporate secretary of Guns Save Life.

And she’ll shoot your posterior dead if you mess with her baby.

3 thoughts on “Don’t mess with momma grizzly”
  1. I love this!!! What a lucky little man, to have a mom who knows how to protect him!!!

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