A neighborhood has been victimized by burglaries in the past few weeks.

Yesterday morning, the string of burglaries may have come to an end as a homeowner confronted a man burglarizing his property.

The perp ended up taking a dirt nap on the front yard after realizing the error in his decision-making.

Ernest Holdman, in better days.

Ernest Holdman was found in his nearly-final resting place (they’ll probably cremate his sorry self eventually) on the ground in front of his latest victime.

His family and friends?  They showed up, aghast that a homeowner would cap their scumbag relative/friend for, as they called it, trying to steal another man’s $110 weed eater.

Well, sweetie, if your low-life friend thinks that his life is worth no more than a $110 weed eater, then maybe he deserved what he got.

In fact, the homeowner ought to send this poop-bird’s family a bill for the shell used to terminate the threat to the homeowner.

MIAMI – (Local 10.com) – A burglary suspect was shot and killed Thursday morning at a home in northwest Miami-Dade.

According to Miami-Dade County police, Ernest Holdman tried to burglarize a home at Northwest 112th Street and 18th Avenue. Neighbors said Holdman, 31, climbed onto the roof of a trailer and tried stealing the homeowner’s yard tools.

Dennis Law, the 49-year-old homeowner, then shot Holdman, police say. He was dead when police arrived.

“He’s a good guy, you know,” said Lynn Eason, Holdman’s sister [pictured here in a screen capture]. “He never really hurt nobody or went out of his way to be mean or nasty to anybody. Maybe he did get caught in the wrong situation, but I think it could have been handled differently, better than that.”

Looks as though your brother’s entitlement mentality to someone else’s property didn’t work out so well for him. “A wrong situation?” Yeah. Only because he got caught this time.

“He wasn’t armed. I mean, law equipment?” said Melissa Jones, a friend of Holdman. “It doesn’t make no sense to kill somebody for a weedwacker that cost $110. C’mon. That’s somebody life.”

That “somebody life” wasn’t worth much, now was it? Society is far better off without your friend, Melissa, and those like him.

One neighbor told Local 10’s Tamika Bickham the area has been the subject of several burglaries in recent weeks.

“My neighbor right next to me, they removed her tires, all four tires one morning. When they woke up, the car was on blocks,” said Hall. “I’ve also had a break in my home twice since I’ve been here.”


Somehow, we bet the burglaries in that neighborhood slow way down in the coming weeks…

3 thoughts on “‘He dint do nuffin wrong’: Burglar gets lead poisoning, family aghast at outcome”
  1. Folks are fed up with their stuff being stolen and the police doing squat about it. Police can’t do anything because courts don’t do anything.

    We have a right to defend our property and more people are actually exercising it. As more do so its going to snowball and even more will. It’s a wonderful thing!
    I won’t take that bet by the way. 🙂

  2. Skippy had a rap sheet going back years including multiple violent felonies. I for one am not going to rely on his ‘good intentions’ before waiting to see if he’ll hurt me or not.

  3. Glad to read that one problem has been solved – permanently! I live in the UK where the bad guys seem to have more Human Rights than the average Joe. Often it is discovered that felons have a rap sheet going back years and “bail bandits” (people who commit more crimes whilst being on bail for a previous crime) are as common as muck. In my opinion rats, mice, termites, and burglars have one thing in common, they are all vermin!

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