At least they pulled it down.


Don’t they have a clue?  Apparently not initially.

DES MOINES, Iowa (CBS St. Louis) — The Des Moines Register is being criticized for publishing online a map that shows which public school districts in the state have security and which ones do not.

The interactive map, which has since been pulled down from the website, showed red dots indicating which schools did not have guards and green dots to show which schools did.

Security experts were shocked that a major newspaper would publish such a map.

5 thoughts on “Good thinking guys: Newspaper publishes, then retracts list of unsecured schools”
  1. Are they trying to get a mass shotting in Iowa? Just got to love lamestream media and how they will push for anti-gun control.

  2. It matters not what the goal here was. It may have been to push unarmed schools to arm up or it may have been meant to demonstrate which schools are to embarrass them into standing down. Either way its dangerous.

    But let’s be real about one thing. It IS public information. Folks DO have a right to know if their school is armed with security or not. While this was indeed STUPID of the paper to do its not necessarily bad that people be made aware that this information is something available to would be mass murderers.

    Know this from the Sandy Hook – sometimes these killers spend a lot if time researching and planning their crimes.

    I submit the partial answer here is to have all schools arm up. End this foolish gun free zone idiocy and make every would be killer know that there really is no such thing as a gun free zone ANYWHERE. Make it clear that they WILL face armed police and armed upstanding Citizens wherever they target!

    Good fences make good neighbors and an armed population is a polite population.


  3. Geniuses.
    Truth is, the majority of schools have the same meaningless safety policies in place as Sandy Hook–or even less.
    Yet, they will ALL say that their school is “safe.”
    After the wolf has come to do damage, they will protest that they did “all they could”, and how could they have forseen such a “tragedy”, while ignoring what we all know works. Sad and pathetic.
    As we all know we haven’t seen the last–or worst.
    And most maddening, it will be pronounced that legal gunowners don’t care about the Children.

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