The City of Chicago suffered another black eye this weekend, thanks to publicity surrounding the rampant wilding attacks Saturday evening in the touristy area of the city – and the story of a teenager who shot his grandfather in the back six times to steal money to get tattoos and tennis shoes was the icing on the cake.

Chicago’s banner weekend for headlines started with the senseless, out-of-control violence by hundreds of black youths committing wilding attacks against random tourists and shoppers on the “Magnificent Mile” and “Gold Coast”, areas many visitors believe to be safe in Chicago.

The fact of the matter is that no place in Chicago is safe from senseless violence by young hoodlums and predatory criminals.

Even a local community activist who witnessed part of the violence Saturday night told it like it was to local TV:

“You had a group of teens, close to maybe 500. They assaulted a Chicago police officer that was mounted on a horse and all of a sudden they assaulted a citizen walking the streets…”

He went on to say:

“I caution those parents if their child has been arrested which numerous teenagers have been arrested tonight, that you need to think about your child. Just don’t say the Chicago police picked on your child, when we were watching all the assault going on, especially by teen women,” said Holmes.

In all police arrested dozen of minors and a few adults in the violence on the Mag Mile and Gold Coast.

(CBS Chicago) — The warmest day of the year so far brings hundreds of mischievous teens to Michigan Avenue. Police are calling it “mob action.”

CBS 2 is learning about multiple incidents in at least four different locations along the Magnificent Mile and in the Gold Coast, yielding a slew of arrests.

Many innocent shoppers and tourists became caught in the middle of a very chaotic situation. Hundreds of teens littered Michigan Avenue and State Street near Chicago.

And then there is the story of the teenager who shot down his grandfather, in the back, to steal money for tattoos and tennis shoes.

Even worse, the teenager fired over two dozen times at his grandfather.

It’s too bad this isn’t the “wild west” or we would be delighted to provide some rope to string up this sick teen on the nearest lamp-post at sunrise.

Chicago (Tribune) – Bail was denied today for a 19-year-old man accused of fatally shooting his grandfather as the older man left his home for an early-morning dialysis appointment earlier this month.

William D. Strickland, of the 400 block of East 95th Street, shot his grandfather six times in the back and used money stolen in the attack to buy tattoos, gym shoes and other items, Assistant State’s Attorney Amanda Pillsbury said at the bond hearing.

The judge denied bail on charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery with a firearm and set his next court date for Monday.

Strickland’s grandfather, also named William Strickland, was shot about 3:30 a.m. on March 2 outside his home in the South Side’s Burnside neighborhood, according to police. While police initially said Strickland was approached by two male attackers, on Saturday police said no one else was in custody in the ongoing investigation, and they would not confirm a second person was being sought.

The 72-year-old elder Strickland was standing outside waiting for a Pace bus near his home when he was shot six times in the back. He was on his way to a weekly dialysis appointment, Pillsbury said.

Police recovered 25 bullet shell casings at the scene, she said.

So, what do you think Chicago Police Department was doing to fight this senseless violence?

Would you believe a basketball clinic with a pre-clinic discussion to “educate” young people on the rise in violence in some neighborhoods and how to stop violence and gangs.

We’re serious…

CHICAGO (WLS) –– The Chicago Police Department hosted a town hall meeting to educate the city’s youth about the recent rise in violence in some neighborhoods.

ABC 7’s sportscaster Jim Rose was the host and keynote speaker of Saturday’s event on the South Side in Ogden Park.

Kids aged 8-12 years old attended the event to learn how to stop violence and gangs in their areas.

Speakers also talked about bullying and teen dating.

The morning was capped off with a basketball clinic and luncheon.

Is it any wonder the City of Chicago is a cesspool of violence.

Strict gun control has left the city’s residents disarmed and defenseless against predatory criminals who ply their trade brazenly.

3 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Wildings, violence and murders – just another weekend in Chicago”
  1. The “clinic” idea is a great one. The problem is that police were there instead of doing their job. Private groups (non taxpayer funded) should engage the community youngsters with constructive activities. Basketball, boxing heck even SHOOTING activities would go far toward installing HONOR in these kids. When they are doing something constructive thru are not doing something destructive.

    I submit that part of this was “organized” to show “youth power” in the school closing a fight. Also, CPD KNOWS FULL WELL that carry is coming. A last bit of intimidation of this kind was “warranted” because shortly that tactic comes off the table. The Flash MOB activism ends soon and they know it. There will be more of this to come as we come down to the wire.

    Everything is being set up to make people defending themselves look like a huge mistake. Mobs are being encouraged. That way, when people go armed without fear of prosecution (persecution) and they DO defend themselves the “violence”, the “gun violence” can be HIGHLIGHTED. The INSTANT law abiding people carry in Chicago and defend themselves in large numbers, media will be all over it, national media I mean, as a means to demonize it. Bet on “vigilante justice” stories galore. This series will help combat that portrayal- keep up the good work.

  2. If CBS has the audacity to describe these thugs as “mischievous teens,” we should petition the WH for a posthumous pardon for John Wayne Gacy since, after all, he was nothing, but a jolly clown and an avid basement gardener. Disgusting…

  3. Second city cop had some dandy comments on the wilding with great remarks about Rahmbo and Garrbo.

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