Hi-Viz says, “buh bye” to Colorado after leftist, freedom-hating Democrats voted to ban guns and magazines over 15-rounds and Governor Hickenlooper signed the measures into law.

HiViz Shooting Systems Announces Relocation Plans
April 1, 2013, Fort Collins, CO (HiVizSights.com) —HiViz Shooting Systems (a division of North Pass Ltd.), announces plans to relocate operations out of the state of Colorado due to recent changes in Colorado state gun control legislation.  HiViz President and CEO Phillip Howe, states that talks are currently under way with officials of a neighboring state regarding the move.

Mr. Howe comments, “I make this announcement with mixed emotions. Colorado is a beautiful state with great people, but we cannot in clear conscience support with our taxes a state that has proven through recent legislation a willingness to infringe upon the constitutional rights of our customer base.” Mr. Howe notes that prior to the changes in law in Colorado, he made several attempts to persuade state officials via emails and telephone calls to proceed slowly with gun control legislation that would impact individual shooters and the shooting industry as a whole.


Hi-Viz follows Magpul in announcing their departure for friendlier pastures, away from the gun grabbers in Colorado, taking jobs and tax revenue with them.

(Gateway Pundit) – Magpul Industries, a Boulder high-capacity magazine manufacturer, says it will produce magazines outside Colorado within 30 days.

After weeks of bizarre testimony and protests, where lawmakers encouraged women to defend themselves with ballpoint pens and vomit, Colorado Democrats pushed through their new gun control laws last week. Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper signed three new gun bills into law on Wednesday. But, before the gun control bills were ever passed the state was looking at its first casualty. Magpul Industries, a top of the line manufacturer of gun magazines and parts, notified the media that they would relocate if the new bills were ever passed into law.  They weren’t kidding.

Magpul Industries Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of polymer firearms parts and accessories. The company is based in Erie, Colorado outside of Boulder. The Magpul polymer magazine line is extremely popular among sportsmen and all branches of our armed services, including some of the highest levels of our Special Operations community. The company has received thousands of testimonials from service members about the increased reliability and durability of their products over the military issued magazines, especially in the adverse conditions and rough handling of combat operations. Company officials know of many cases where, if a service member could not get PMAGs through the supply system, they would purchase them with their own funds, rather than use the issued aluminum magazines.


Hunters and sportsmen are also cancelling plans to come to Colorado and spend tourism dollars as part of the hunting and outdoors industry in that state…

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP / USA Today) — Hunters across the country say they are boycotting Colorado because of recent legislation meant to curtail gun violence.

Colorado last week became the first Western state to ratchet back gun rights in response to mass shootings at a suburban Denver movie theater and an elementary school in Connecticut. Opponents warned the gun controls would hurt hunters, especially an expansion of background-check requirements to apply to personal and online gun sales.

Republican opponents of the new background-check law said it would make criminals of hunters lending each other weapons for weekend hunting trips. In response, Democrats changed the bill to give people a 72-hour grace period to share guns without triggering background-check requirements. Republicans then complained the bill would imperil weeklong hunting trips.


And it’s not just hunters:

(FishGame.com) – All across the country, hunters have joined in a call to boycott Colorado over that state’s recent laws to curb gun freedoms.

Michael Bane, with the Outdoor Channel, says he’s not filming the show’s four productions in the state any longer, CBS says. And hunters have started canceling their trips to the state, the Colorado Springs Gazette reports.

“There’s a united front of sportsmen that are tired of having their freedoms and liberties and fundamental rights taken away from them,” said Northwest Colorado hunting guide Chris Jurney in the CBS report. “That kind of unity among sportsmen is going to be big, and unfortunately for those of us who live here, we’re going to suffer the consequences of this misguided legislation.”

And Jeff Lepp, owner of the Colorado Springs gun and hunting shop Specialty Sports, guessed hunters would bypass the state in protest of its new gun control laws and head for other Rocky Mountain regions instead, CBS says.


Add in the Rocky Mountain Western States Regional IDPA Championship

GRAND JUNCTION, CO (The Outdoor Wire) – Organizers of the Rocky Mountain Western States Regional IDPA Championship, initially scheduled to take place July 4-6 in Montrose, Colorado, have announced that the match is being canceled in the wake of Colorado’s recently passed gun control laws.

An estimated 300-plus shooters from the neighboring states and across the country were expected to attend the three-day competitive shooting event. This is the second shooting competition to abandon the state after a recent announcement by firearms maker Ruger that it was moving the 2013 Ruger Rimfire Challenge World Championship out of Colorado.

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  1. Well, so much for the 5 muzzleloader preference points I had been paying for and accumulating to better my chances of a tag in a management unit that has a greater population of bigger bulls. The state gets to keep the money I have spent thus far on the preference points, but they will not get the cash for an tag, fuel, meals, and unfortunately, an outfitter will not get the thousands the hunt would cost. I guess we all need to do our part when it comes to defending our rights and our freedoms in this still great America. Best of luck to the outfitters in that state, Ed

  2. Perhaps that cancelled competition could be rescheduled in Sparta, IL at the World Shooting Complex. Just a thought as we are finally coming out of the dark ages of non-carry.

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