Plan to hand out free shotguns in Tucson stirs debate

(FoxNews) – A former mayoral candidate in Tucson, Ariz., is drawing heated criticism from Democrats after he launched a program this week to hand out free shotguns in high-crime neighborhoods.

Shaun McClusky, who kicked off the program Monday, financed it with initial donor commitments of $12,000. He told that with those private donations alone, he can arm and train 36 people — and hopes to begin that process in 60 days.

McClusky said he’s already received more than a dozen responses from residents, “none of them negative, all of them positive.”

Amazing how people on the ground, in the real world, have a very different opinion about being able to defend themselves from violent attack than the political elites:

State Rep. Victoria Steele, who represents Tucson, called the program “plain lunacy.”

“Arizonans in Tucson and across the state are demanding that we reduce gun violence and create safer communities. Handing out shotguns is not a solution,” she said in a written statement.

And more of the same, failed liberal policies is a better solution?  Yeah, right.

Chad Campbell.

House Minority Leader Chad Campbell called it “ideological extremism at its worst” and “a political gimmick that could have dangerous consequences.”

Ideological extremism in support of liberty and freedom is no vice, Mr. Campbell.

It’s only a gimmick if you make it out to be.  As for dangerous consequences?  Perhaps for those who are victimizing innocents using predatory violence.  Is Chad worried about losing some voters to armed homeowners?



3 thoughts on “Leftists atwitter about arming poor, inner city residents with shotguns”
  1. You know that the people doing the squawking aren’t the ones being victimized. Since when is helping someone defend themselves wrong?

  2. So, it’s OK for the gov’t (i.e. the taxpayers, i.e. us) to hand out valuable benefits like welfare, health care, telephones, etc. to the less fortunate.

    But it’s not ok for private donors to hand out valuable benefits (firearms, ammo, training) to the less fortunate, even with a background check?

    I don’t think they make them go through background checks for electronic benefits cards, medicaid cards, or “free” phones.

    I think I get it now.

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