Michael Bloomberg’s paid anti-gun lobbyist Adam Eichberg poses with a big grin on his face while holding one of the rifles he now advocates to ban. Graphic courtesy Rocky Mountain Gun Owners.


He loves shooting watermelons.  He loves shooting America’s favorite rifle because, after all, there’s a reason the AR-15 is America’s favorite rifle.

Adam Eichberg is like most folks who try out an AR:  he likes it.

Gun owners are finding him a bit hypocritical that he’s now on the paid staff of Mayor Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Illegal Guns lobbying to make all modern firearms illegal.

Here he is shooting watermelons with his booger picker on the bang switch. Photo from Washington Free Beacon.


The Washington Free Beacon released the photo along with the story behind it and it’s swept the nation by storm.

The Watermelon Hunter

Bloomberg-Backed Anti-Gun Lobbyist Enjoys ‘Assault Weapons,’ photo shows

(Washington Free Beacon) – One of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s top gun-control lobbyists in Colorado appears to enjoy firing the very guns he is working to restrict.

Denver-based Headwaters Strategies lobbyist Adam Eichberg participated at a “watermelon shoot” in September 2012 at the farm of Colorado state Sen. Greg Brophy (R.) where he fired a semi-automatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine.

A picture obtained by the Washington Free Beacon shows Eichberg smiling broadly as he shoulders a DPMS .308 rifle with a 20-round magazine.

“I really hate watermelons,” Eichberg said via email when asked for comment.

Bloomberg’s group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, hired Headwater Strategies in January to lobby for several gun-control bills under consideration by the Colorado legislature. Those bills would ban the future sale, transfer, or manufacture of so-called high-capacity magazines in the state.

There’s more…  lots more…

Including this:

“To top it all off, a week after we did the watermelon shoot this last year, the governor was out in eastern Colorado doing a bike tour,” Brophy said. “And the governor comes to my house on Friday night and practically begs to come to my melon shoot next year.  A few months later he’s in contact with Bloomberg’s group and planning gun-control measures in Colorado.”

Emphasis added.



4 thoughts on “Good Enough For Thee, But Not For Me: Hypocrite anti-gun lobbyist likes shooting America’s favorite rifle”
  1. It doesn’t make sense, if these guys enjoy shooting so much why are they against it? It’s just that they want to ruin someone else’s good time so much that they are willing to sacrifice theirs. It’s the “power”, the power they want over someone. Your looking for a spot in a crowded parking lot when you see a guy walking your way with some packages so you kind of watch where he’s headed so that you can get his parking spot. After he gets to his car and your sitting there waiting for him to put his keys into the ignition, fire it up, and drive out of that coveted space. Instead he thinks it’s a good time to make a cell call, then comb his hair, clean and cut his nails (come on you SOB, there’s cars stacking up behind me) then polish his shoes. And you know that he knows your there. Well he has the “power” and he’s got it over you and he relishes it. It’s the same power that the water melon killer has, these kind of people need an old fashioned a55 whooping

    1. It’s simple they the government don’t have to follow the rules they just make them for WE THE PEOPLE!! I think it’s called tyranny!!!!!!

  2. Its all about money. Bloomberg uses his vast wealth to get his “followers”. Where we see our rights all they see are $$

  3. How many times do I have to tell you!
    The laws are meant for thee, but not for me!


    I. M. Yourbetter,
    Your faithful progressive legislator

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