Project Veritas has hit another home run with a new powerhouse video out of an undercover reporter asked police officers in a number of New York State communities (and a few outside NY State) what he’s supposed to do between the time he would call 9-1-1 for help and the time cops show up.

They all agreed he was on his own.

Cops’ advice for what to do in that interim period of time before they arrive?

They tell the 63-year-old reporter to scream, make noise and flee the house.

“You lock your doors and hope nothing happens,” one cop told the reporter.

Asked how long their response time is, the cops admit their response time can be a half-an-hour or more, and far from reliable.

And Joe Biden saying, “Buy a shotgun.  Buy a shotgun.”

He asked officials about securing a firearms permit to buy a shotgun.  He discovered it takes about a year for a firearms permit to be approved in New York State (and you thought you had it bad waiting 30-90 days to get your Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card!).

One woman from Kew Gardens, New York police department tells him even if he gets a permit and a shotgun, it’s for “luxury”.

A woman working the front desk of a police station in East Orange, New Jersey said that a permit was required to purchase a firearm.  Asked how long for the permit request to be processed and she told him 15 minutes.

And then there’s Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar who tells women they don’t need guns to protect themselves from attack:  “That’s why we have call boxes. That’s why we have safe zones.   That’s why we have the whistles.”

Here’s the powerful Project Veritas video:

With Chicago-style gun control like this, it’s no wonder the crime in the big cities on the Eastern seaboard is so prevalent.


One thought on “COPS: “You’re on your own” before police arrive”
  1. Democrats have put in place a system of disarming people so criminals run rampant. Then they can campaign on how bad crime is and how we just gotta pay more taxes so we can have more cops. Heck, now it’s pay more taxes just to keep current cos on the beat.

    Rather than call them out, republicans offer support so they appear “tough on crime”

    With a recent turn in the courts, legislatures face losing this long held bipartisan cabal. So the new path is claiming bipartisan support for universal background checks and permission slips. That’s just a repackaging of the same old deal. Laws are still targeting the innocent while freeing the criminals.

    When the game is rigged against you the only way to win is to refuse to play.
    The ONLY thing bipartisan found in legislatures today is a willingness to impose whatever restrictions possible. It’s time to abandon the begging for MORE legislation and INSTEAD turn to the judiciary to ELIMINATE legislation.

    This path has PROVEN more progress in the last five six years than half a century in legislatures. To the extent there has been legislative progress it has FOLLOWED the judicial victories. Some states actually do have legislators smart enough to avoid being targets of more suits. They understand its a battle they cannot win and choose to spend taxpayer money elsewhere.

    We ARE on our own and this was known hundreds of years ago. The solution was adopted- it’s called the Second Amendment. It’s time to stop aiming legislatively and start pulling the trigger judicially. It’s time to flood the courts. Millions and billions have been collected- its time that dough be unleashed or have it shown those collecting it are more interested in continued collection than in eliminating the rights offenses.

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