Mitch V. wrote about his experience becoming more active in defending freedom, purchasing his first guns late last year, and attending his first Guns Save Life meeting in November.  From there, he went to IGOLD and he’s excited.  That can be you, too.  Come out and join us.  It’s a great time and we have FUN at our monthly meetings!

This was my first year attending IGOLD as I had only heard about it for the first time at February’s Pontiac GSL meeting.

Only a few short months ago, back in October 2012, I was able to purchase my first firearms. Shortly thereafter I attended my first GSL meeting in November when a friend invited me. I was a little apprehensive and nervous, as I had never been a part of anything like this before. I always knew what I believed, I just didn’t know there was so many others out there that felt and believed the same as me. I’ll admit that listening to talk radio and the news, I get really frustrated and despaired sometimes.

BUT, after attending IGOLD yesterday… I feel so inspired, charged up, amazed and hopeful, and just so grateful that I was able to attend IGOLD. I can’t wait for what’s coming next.

2 thoughts on “Reader writes about inspirational experience at IGOLD”
  1. Welcome, Mitch, I hope you feel at home with us as we all try to get our legislators to uphold their oaths to “support and defend” our constitutionaly affirmed, God-given Rights! I hope you enjoy your firearms for many years without having to use them in defense of self and/or family, but gain the ability and knowledge to do so if it becomes necessary.

  2. Its always nice to hear about new gun owners.
    There is one thing in the debate that concerns me however. I noticed people carrying signs that said “Carry Permits Now!
    My question is Why?
    Why do we need permits to exercise a God Given Right. This would include a FOID card.
    Why are so many gun owner correct in their understanding that our rights come from God but government must issue the permit?
    Is Government now God?
    We should be creating a grass roots movement for the REPEAL of the FOID card law and supporting free carry, not supporting more permits.
    Just my thoughts

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