The Congressional Record is forever.

And our friend Roy Kubicek now has his name immortalized in the Congressional Record, thanks to the hired-gun Josh Attention-Horwitz of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.  “Despised by the Despicable,” as Kurt Hoffman at the Armed and Safe Blog says.

Josh Attention-Horwitz quotes Mr. Kubicek out of context, making his words seem a good deal more ominous than they were intended.  Here’s Mr. Kubicek’s post from Days of our Trailers…

You have to love the paranoid delusions of fanatical gun control advocates. In this case Josh Horwitz of the CSGV. He told a US Senate Committee that I, yes, me by name, am arming up for rebellion.

Other insurrectionist commentators have been meticulous about the hardware required for rebellion.

Roy Kubicek, the primary author of the blog Days of our Trailers: Consider This the Old North Bridge (and a credentialed blogger at past NRA conventions) published a series of posts entitled “TheModern Militia,” in which he asserted:

“The standard US Infantry field weapon is the ubiquitous M16/M4 series rifle…  Obviously then, since the M16 was based off of it, the ideal firearm for Militia compatibility would the [sic] the AR15 (or its many clones) chambered in 5.56 NATO.15″

Roy in his pre-marksmanship training days. Photo stolen from the CSGV blogsite who undoubtedly stole it without attribution from Roy’s blog.

Mr. Kubicek is a good American, who I’ve personally trained in the use of rifles to be able to engage torso-sized targets out to five hundred meters using iron sights and standard, military surplus ammunition.  He’s a man who can defend his family when the chips are down, unlike those who eschew modern weapons for personal defense.

‘Treason’ against tyranny is fidelity to liberty,” Kubicek’s latest patch proudly proclaims.  Truer words have not been spoken.

Maybe he’ll bring one of those to the next Effingham Guns Save Life meeting!





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  1. Thanks John. Technically though the ‘treason’ patches are Kurt’s brainchild.

    And yes, I do need to make it to a meeting. I’ll see you all at IGOLD though.

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