Magpul is BACK!  BRAVO!


March 1st, 2013

Back in 1990, when I was deployed in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as a Marine grunt, some companies prioritized me items for my M16 for shipping that I purchased with my own funds. After getting out and forming Magpul in 1999, I established the same priority policy for Military and Law Enforcement, due to the requirements of their profession.

The same policy has been in place for 13 years now and has never been an issue until a few days ago. I do not support the idea that individual police officers should be punished for the actions of their elected officials. That said, I understand the concerns that some have with Law Enforcement officers getting special treatment while at the same time denouncing second amendment rights to another citizen in the same state.

With the fight in Colorado right now we do not have time to implement a new program, so I have suspended all LE sales to ban states until we can implement a system wherein any Law Enforcement Officer buying for duty use will have to promise to uphold their oath to the US Constitution – specifically the second and fourteenth amendments – as it applies to all citizens.

Richard Fitzpatrick
President/CEO – Founder
Magpul Industries


Thank you, sir.

It was gonna suck not buying your products.  Now, the planets are back into alignment!


16 thoughts on “Magpul comes back! Suspends LEO sales to ban states!”
    1. If they’re going to keep selling to LEO’s
      I wouldn’t say they were back with us.

  1. Now then….
    Let this be undeniable evidence that standing up tall actually works.
    Refusing to bow down actually produces positive results.
    Magpul did the right thing here(mostly).
    I submit that the oath taken with Magpul isn’t any more meaningful than the one a LEO or legislator or executive or judge takes for office. Now if there is some kind of civil enforcement terms in such an agreement opening individual LEOs to accountability I would have to say magpul not only came back but went a step above and beyond.

    Now just what would happen here in Illinois if people hammered the NRA, the ISRA and Illinois carry organizations exactly the same way?
    What if folks summoned the courage to take them to task just like Magpul?
    What if masses showed up to IGOLD with signs refusing to bow to paid for permission slips??

    What would happen if people stood tall and actually refused to bow down?

    Me thinks a redirect just like Magpul’s would come to pass

    Now is the time to stand up and refuse to beg for permission my fellow Patriots!
    Declare and demand your rights!

  2. It is good to see MagPul rethink their position. Their re-consideration deserves Kudos!

  3. As an LEO i am glad you changed your stance. Its the right thing to do we all swore an oath it comes first!

  4. Richard,

    Thank you for taking a stand on the issue. While it will be more difficult for some of us to get the products we need, it also sends a message to the Chiefs of Police and elected Sheriffs out there who stand on the sidelines and cheer on the political hacks who’d take away our rights, wether the First, Second, Fourth, or Fifth.

  5. Been said a bunch lately, BUT WE ALL HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER. Thumbs up for Magpul.

  6. thank you magpul it goes a long way with me I have bought many of your products and will stay with your products still have mags that are 8 years old and still going strong

  7. Thank you Lord for Magpul and all the other companies that stand for the Constitutional Republic. Amen

  8. That’s what we call “a compromise”. And it’s one that I and my friends, both LEOs and civilians can live with.

    Thank you.

  9. I apologize but I cannot forgive and forget. So what happens when Government/State decides they want to start a 30 million dollar contract with Magpul, and Magpul agrees? You get all huffy puffy again? You’re being trailed like cattle in pork barrel politics. So now you’ve been given a portion of hay to shut you up, to make you forget the lack of loyalty Magpul has displayed………..and you gladly accept it. What a slap in the face! Ones who are indecisive are the Ones I find most untrustworthy. How WEAK!

  10. Good to see, As a veteran myself I have ordered and used several magpul products both for military and personal use. They are excellent products made very well and not by the lowest bidder for a government contract. I put my life in the hands of their products and they have never failed me.

    That being said Iowa elected officials have went so far as stating that “Even if you have them, I think we need to start taking them,” – Iowa State Rep. Dan Muhlbauer, D-Manilla (google the full article)
    That is clearly violating search as seizure rights as well. So long as people are being rewarded to sit at home and vote for democrats at the cost to the rest of us this country will never be the same.

  11. Way to go Magpul! We support you and always will! Consider Utah as a great place to relocate your business. Utah is the most Conservative of all states and has a vibrant economy because of Conservative governing. We are a very pro-Second Amendment state and guns are a way of life here. Thankyou for your very pro-active decision and your support of our Second Amendment. What ever you do, we will give your company our 100% support.

  12. Thank you Magpul for standing up for the rights of your customers and doing the right thing. Now if we can all stand together and get Sig, Glock, and S&W to do the same thing. We would be able to make a better stand against the political pawns.

  13. So now you will eventually implement a form of sales to LE if they promise NOT to use your products against americans, WOW, I no longer trust you any further than I trust some LEOs, I stand firm on my decision to eradicate all Magpul products from my safe until I see that you “WILL NOT” distribute to ANY city, county, state or federal agency putting restrictions on the “we the people” who are fighting a war on rights and the ability to protect ourselves, you sirs are a large part of our ammunition to win this war, stand 100% or stand down and out of our way, we have quiet battle to win right now. John

    PS: I dont suppose you would allow people of a state where your products would be illegal to check a box promising to never use your products in an unlawful manner, would you?

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