Colorado is set to ban most shotguns if Gov. Hickenlooper signs the bill passed by the Colorado legislature to ban so-called “high capacity” magazines.

The bill outlaws magazines that can hold more then eight shotgun shells or can be readily converted to accept more than eight rounds, in addition to conventional magazines of over 15-round capacity.

Most pump and semi-auto shotguns can readily accept magazine extensions to hold more than eight shells – and that’s the standard shells.  There are also “shorty shells”, commonly marketed by Aguila as their 1 3/4″ “Minishell”, which may fit eight shotgun shells into a standard shotgun magazine.

Hence, most shotguns will be banned if the bill is enacted.

Folks, gun rights is not a spectator sport if you want to retain the ability to meaningfully defend your family from violent crime.

You will need to get involved if you want to keep your guns because those who don’t like personal freedom or rugged individualism don’t sleep in their quest to take our rights away!

Call Governor Hickenlooper at (303) 866-2471 and tell him to veto this bill that would ban your shotgun!

One thought on “Colorado on cusp of banning most shotguns, too.”
  1. Why not ban people? They’re the ones that commit the violent acts. True, most people don’t commit violent acts, but most shotguns aren’t involved in them, either. If you think this will prevent lawbreakers from having weapons, you’re living in cloud coo-coo land.

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