Nicole Anderson-Cobb, left.

Champaign, IL (Guns Save Life) – The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence’s ivory-tower hired-gun Nicole Anderson-Cobb, PhD, decided to have a sing-a-long for a group activity for the Champaign County Grassroots Chapter of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence at the Champaign Public Library just before New Year’s “in light of this week’s horrifying events at Sandy Hook Elementary School AND the continued gun violence across Central Illinois”.

Did Nicole and friends sing about the Illinois Conservation cop who needed to use his gun to repel a violent home invader to protect a woman he didn’t even know, along with his two toddlers in Decatur recently?

We kind of doubt it, but really, what’s the point of holding a sing-a-long and a candle-light vigil indoors in a closed room at a library? Did they turn off the lights as well and sing really quietly so as not to disturb anyone too?

If that’s Nicole’s idea of solving the problem of criminal violence, then we’re all in for victimization at the hands of the strong and the predatory criminals of society.

The ICHV leader also sent this to their members: “I also wanted to remind you that we will have our first ICHV Book Club gathering for “Keeping The Peace: Mindfulness & Public Service” on January 12, 2013…”

So, ICHV’s grassroots organization is now a book club?

Could Nicole have done any better job cementing their tiny, but merry band of anti-gun zealots and a few do-gooders into utter and permanent irrelevancy? We don’t think so.

Well, folks, if you’re interested in paying them a visit to discuss some book ranked #839,346 at Amazon (translation: discussing the irrelevant), join ‘em.

For the rest of us with a life, we can think of a plethora of more constructive things to do, such as spending time with your family and friends.



One thought on “Champaign County ICHV: Perfecting the art of irrelevancy”
  1. Perhaps it would have done some good if they filled the room with gang members and other criminals before the singing started. Got to get the message out to the ones doing the shooting.
    Of course it is easier to pass legislation against law abiding citizens than to get the criminals to obey the laws.

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