Last night, at a local restaurant in downtown Champaign (one with a flair a little left of center based upon clientele in general), we overheard an interesting conversation.

It was five university-types sitting around.  One with a Brit accent seemed to be getting quizzed by four others.

Our ears perked up when we heard “Guns Save Life”.

In short, Champaign-Urbana is an “NRA Stronghold” and they cited the publicity about Guns Save Life in the local media and the fact “their” community is SURROUNDED by Guns Save Life’s highway signs.

They were particularly concerned, indeed upset, by all of those signs that around the University of Illinois’ hometown.

They lamented the fact that it’s an NRA stronghold, and how that drives “good folks” out of town.

Yes, folks.  The NRA is seen by these people as their kryptonite.  They tremble when the NRA’s power is discussed.  NRA members are Satan’s agents to these people.

When it was all said and done, I wondered:  If a black or Latino family moved next door to them, would that also cause small-minded, gun-hating bigots to leave town as well?

— John


5 thoughts on “Gun-haters lament being surrounded by Champaign-Urbana’s “NRA Stronghold””
  1. “that drives ‘good folks’ out of town.”
    I kind of concur with this statement. Not in the sense they thought but that the majority “left” in this town keep voting liberal. 🙂

  2. Having spent my final military tour of duty before retirement just up the road at Chanute AFB, I can attest to the local population being quite strongly pro-Second Amendment. If this fact scares the bedwetting anti-Freedom types, GOOD!

    The last time I checked, NRA headquarters was in Virginia, not the People’s Democratic Republic of Illinois. These poor folks aren’t “surrounded by an NRA stronghold”, they are surrounded by PATRIOTIC AMERICA CITIZENS exercising their inherent RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms.

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