Some folks are thoughtful in their decision making, looking at empirical evidence, and applying logic and reason before coming to a solution.

Other people rely on their emotional response and often emotions are driven by fears.

This is particularly true for gun control.

Folks who haven’t looked at the science are often quick to demand “gun control” to solve the issue of criminal violence.

They should be careful what they wish for.

The good folks in Venezuela quite frankly deserve the Hugo Chavez government they have allegedly voted in repeatedly.  It’s a classic case of the voters voting themselves more government handouts.

Sounds familiar, right?

Well, simple-minded residents in Venezuela demanded more gun control in the face of violent crime and a horrendous murder rate.

Venezuelans protesting the rampant crime and murders in 2006. Photo by Pocket Info.

Pocket Info reports that in 2009, Venezuela had a murder rate of 67 per 100,000 residents.  (Meaning, the average person living to 70 years of age has about a one in twenty chance of becoming the victim of a homicide.)

Putting that into perspective, Mexico, with its orgy of narco-violence has a rate of about 15 per 100,000.  And the USA about a third of that.

In 2012, Hugo Chavez gave Venezuelan residents the gun control they clamored for.  He outlawed private ownership of guns and confiscated registered guns, something more than a few of Chavez’ fellow leftists in America are demanding.

So what happened?

Almost overnight, murder and violence have shot way up.

Venezuela is on target to hit a homicide rate of 220/100,000 this year if the trend continues.


At Guns Save Life, we say gun control is race control because of its racist origins.

Check out this video of Tavis Smiley and Cornel West talking about it.  Even they recognize gun control as race control, albeit in a tangential manner.

The solution to Active Shooters?  Does it involve gun control.

Yes, it does.  But not in the way Barack Hussein Obama and his merry band of leftists think.

Frank Borelli has a long piece at about gun control’s role in active shooter incidents.  Here’s the meat of it:

Kit up, go hunting.  Neutralize that threat to our children and any/all other innocents in your community.

(emphasis added.)


Meanwhile, the National Football League Players Association is taking the bull by the horns as well.

New England Patriots players at the Sig Academy. Photo by Shooting Illustrated.

Defensive Line

The NFLPA is taking a sensible, proactive step to ensure pro-football players receive the best firearms training available.

(Shooting Illustrated) – Fans and sportscasters aren’t the only ones who watch professional athletes. Because of their fame and the public knowledge of their rather hefty salaries, criminals often target stars of the playing field for robberies, home invasions and a multitude of other offenses. Sometimes, these crimes have tragic results, like the 2007 home invasion and murder of Washington Redskins defensive back Sean Taylor. In response, National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) Executive Director DeMaurice Smith tasked the organization’s Director of Security, Tim Christine, a former Secret Service Agent, to develop and implement a comprehensive training program designed to protect its members. The result, after several years of consultation, is the NFLPA/SIG Sauer Academy Training Cooperative.

“Our research indicates our members own handguns at a similar rate to other areas of American society,” Christine said. “Being responsible means to possess the knowledge and skills required to be safe, proficient and legal.” To that end, SIG Sauer Academy developed a customized training manual for each participant in the program, all of whom are active or former professional football players. The two-day course covers key areas of instruction, including handgun safety, familiarization, safe-handling procedures and ammunition basics. But, it’s not simply a safety class. Fundamental shooting techniques, presentation from the holster, loading, unloading and reloading, and dealing with stoppages and malfunctions are also taught by the Academy’s cadre of instructors. Furthermore, equipment selection, legal issues associated with self-defense and concealed carry, maintenance and cleaning, proper storage, and the NFL’s policies regarding firearms possession are additional topics taught to players attending the class.


There’s lots more.  Follow the link to see more…





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