Big kudos to John Richardson at “No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money” blog for directing us to a post at An NC Gun Blog about some of the silliness out-of-touch (and WAY out of power) Democrats are up to in that state.

Democrats in North Carolina are out of touch.  They are down to about a third or less of the House and Senate in North Carolina.

Why?  Surely, in part because they are living up to their party’s reputation as the Party of Gun Control.

This all began when North Carolina’s new governor McCrory made a throwaway comment about gun control being foolish on a small morning-drive radio show interview between talk of the new First Lady’s love of privacy and his dog.

Democrats piped up the feigned righteous indignation, turning it past shrill and pegging it as far as it would go.

Out-of-touch Democrats in North Carolina actually posted this in response!

(Direct cut and paste.  One solid block of text, no paragraphs):

This is appalling. The Governor has gone off the edge, hand in hand the radical right-wing, on the issue of gun control in this state and in this country. This is a time for a common sense, solution-oriented discussion. This is a time for North Carolinians to have a serious, thoughtful conversation about what we can do to ensure that the senseless, brutal murder that we saw in Newtown, CT, never happens here. North Carolina needs a Governor who is willing to take on the tough questions, and show true leadership on this issue. Instead, what we’re left with, is Governor McCrory dismissing gun control efforts as “foolish.” North Carolinians should be disgusted. Foolish, Governor? Foolish? Would he say that to the families of the 335 North Carolinians who were shot and killed in 2011 (the last year that data is readily available)? Would he say that to the families of the 87 people across the United States that are gunned down every day? That it’s “foolish” to think that this country would be a safer place without assault weapons? That it’s “foolish” to think that military-style clips have no place on this country’s streets? Would he say it to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, to the families of the 32 people killed at Virginia Tech, or the 12 killed in Aurora, CO? Would he say that to the families of the 27 people, including 20 children, that were killed last month in Newtown? Governor McCrory should be ashamed. North Carolinians deserve better.

4 thoughts on “Democrats in NC: Out-of-touch in shrill support of gun control”
  1. How about we trade them their governor for Pat Quinn? I would be willing to throw in Rahm Emmanual Mike Madigan, Lisa Madigan, and John Cullerton. We could further sweeten the deal with any and all Chicago political hacks.

  2. They just want all the magazines?
    How do they expect to round up 500 million magazines when they claim they can’t find 12 million illegal aliens who are walking among us because that’s too difficult?

  3. Actually they want all of our military style “clips”, I say we oblige them and send them some Garand clips and some AR stripper clips and then the can shut up be ause they got what they ask for….

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