Days of our Trailers posted a telling report about Carolyn McCarthy demanding the First Amendment be suspended for the NRA.

Carolyn McCarthy Hates The 1st Amendment As Much As The 2nd

 Her response to the NRA ad calling out Obama’s hypocrisy (via email)

 Did you see the NRA leadership’s commercial invoking President Obama’s daughters? It made me livid. The ad is deplorable, and it needs to be taken off the air.

You don’t go after the President’s children – or anyone’s children…

The ad must be pulled off the air immediately. Stand with me and send that message to the NRA leadership.


A little further down the page at Days of Our Trailers, I found mention of a story in the Chicago Tribune:

Police: ‘Stockpile’ of ammo found in South Shore home

(Tribune) – A South Shore man facing eviction pointed a gun at his landlord, and authorities found nearly 400 rounds of ammunition and an assault rifle he was not authorized to have, police said today.

The arrest happened Tuesday when the landlord went to talk to the tenant about the man’s eviction from his home in the 2000 block of East 72nd Street about 7:15 p.m., said police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli.

But when 54-year-old Frank Johnson pointed a gun at him, the landlord called police who found an AK-47 and a” stockpile” of ammunition, said Mirabelli.

“Inside, officers found nearly 400 rounds of ammunition for the rifle, extended magazines with ammunition and 36 rounds for a .357,’’ Mirabelli said.



I carry more than that in my trunk.

And I’m guessing this guy was no Rifleman, either.

6 thoughts on “Carolyn McCarthy: Repeal First Amendment for NRA”
  1. 400 Rounds is a stockpile? My wife and I shoot 400 rounds a week. I go on a ammunition hunt when I’m at the 500 round mark in my reserves…..

  2. I seen the commercial. I thought it was great. Guess the truth hurts, for some. Is the presidents kids better than my own? I don’t think so and if they deserve an armed guard while at school, or out in the public, then so does mine, and yours.
    The police actually thought that was a stock pile of ammo? Are maybe just the media, again, making a mountain out of a mole hill. Do you think these people are afraid to tell the real story, or tell the truth about anything that maybe they will see that Guns do Save Life.

  3. The “Rifleman” patch is a patch earned when one passes the Revolutionary War Veteran Association’s basic rifle course. It means he has the skills to hit a torso sized target to 400 yards. His rifle has an unmagnified Eotech mounted on it, so it does mean he is proficient without magnification. It also means he is a better shooter than the majority of sport shooters.

  4. I liked the NRA ad and I thought it is very true. I t gets right to the point. The elitists in the administration think they are privileged.

  5. The same type of folks (read “media” and “anti-gun liberals”) who think that seven rounds is all anyone needs in a magazine (New York) or that you shouldn’t need more than a single shot, or two or three at the most, to scare off a home intruder; those are the ones who think 400 rounds is a “stockpile” and 3 guns or more is an “arsenal”

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