Germans move forward on gun registry for 2013.

Because it worked so well for the Germans under the Weimar regime less than a hundred years ago in 1928.


National German gun registry on target for launch

( – The German interior minister has said a countrywide database of all legal gun owners is set for launch on January 1. Hans-Peter Friedrich predicted a “considerable increase in security” as a result.

The German government plans to launch its complete registry of legal gun owners at the beginning of next year, two years ahead of a deadline set by the EU.



8 thoughts on “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it…”
  1. Just another example of the single mindness of the leftys to get rid of every firearm of law abiding citizens. There is no reasoning with them and they never ever quit. Of course they never stop to consider that the criminal element will pay to attention to their absurd gun registry. I guess the Jews will be the first group they will go after when it comes time to confiscate everybodys firearms because a registry always leads to confiscation.
    Cheers@Tighter Groups: Eaglesnester

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