It might look as though this was a failure, but in reality, the cover stopped both 9mm and .357 Mag slugs.
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Okay, it’s technically “for” your iPAD in the sense that it’s incorporated into the iPADs cover.

The armor is for you, not the electronic device.

Stopped cold! has a great story on a new gadget for those looking for affordable, last-ditch ballistic protection that’s very low-profile.



VestGuard UK Ballistic iPad Panel test: can this slate stop a bullet or two?

( – We’ve seen tablets used as skateboards, tablets used as car dashboards and many, many tablets hacked to do things they weren’t intended to do. This, dear readers, might be the greatest hack of all: modifying a tablet to make it bulletproof.

When VestGuard UK announced its £49.99 (about $80) Ballistic iPad panel we wasted no time in requesting a unit to sample. The company was kind enough to send us one across the pond and we did what any gadget- and firearm-loving nerds would do: put it squarely in the crosshairs. Can the iPad really stop small arms fire when augmented with a tiny little sheet and what does that iPad look like after being on the receiving end of both 9mm and .357 Magnum rounds? Trust us, you’ll want to click through and see for yourself.

The Ballistic iPad panel is a thin, yellowish and incredibly light sheet. It feels no heavier than cardboard but any attempt to flex it will make it extremely apparent that this thing is much more than that. It’s strikingly rigid — as it should be.

…”This solution is designed to protect you, and not your iPad, the tablet will most likely be seriously damaged in the ballistic event.” Indeed it was — though some might call “seriously damaged” a bit of an understatement.