Want to do more for the cause?  Want to build your resume or job experience?  Looking for a new hobby?

Guns Save Life is growing and we are looking for a few volunteers who are passionate about the Second Amendment and who want to help make a real difference in the cause of freedom and liberty.

Previous experience always helpful, but we will gleefully train you.  Work as much or as little as you want, but know you’re making a tangible difference in the fight to retain and expend our civil rights – and those of your children and grandkids.

The GunsSaveLife.com website is a relatively new gun news and information blog and the primary website for Guns Save Life’s organization.  It was inaugurated in August and in less than two months, we’re averaging over 2,000 visitors each day, and each visitor visiting an average of 1.5 pages.

GunNews Magazine is the monthly journal of Guns Save Life.  It’s read by a who’s who of industry, government and gun rights activists nation-wide.  We currently print 14,500 copies each month.

Positions available:
Blog author / contributor:  We’re looking for someone(s) who can watch the news and information web sites to identify cutting edge articles to post at our new website using WordPress.  Also included in this would be to offer analysis of the news in terms of how it could/would impact our readers. It’s easy.  Contact John Boch at 217 649-3702 or at templar223 at comcast.net or John Olson at john.olson80 at gmail dot com.

Blog / GunNews writer.  Submit your articles for inclusion on the Guns Save Life website and/or GunNews Magazine.  Ideally you would submit photographs to accompany your blog entries, but photography isn’t a requirement.  Writing projects could include news and information, product reviews (anything gun owners might appreciate), how-to works, or strategies for better living.  Contact John Naese at 217 840-0246 or johnnaese at comcast.net.
GunNews layout / composition.  Assist in the layout of GunNews each month using Adobe InDesign.  Contact John Boch at 217 649-3702 or at templar223 at comcast.net.

Gun Show volunteers.  This one is easy.  Spend some time at gun shows introducing GSL to folks who express an interest.  Sell drawing tickets and generally have a good time visiting with like-minded folks.  Contact Chris Betley at 217 671-6103 or betleys at hotmail.com.

Membership volunteers.  Guns Save Life is growing and we’re receiving a couple of hundred membership applications and renewals each month, along with mailing out renewal letters.  We could use an extra couple sets of hands to help stuff envelopes and prepare mailings, or possibly do some data entry into our databases.  Contact Larry Shurbet at  lshurbet at mchsi.com or 217-643-7314.


Photo by halfoffgwinnett.com.

5 thoughts on “HELP WANTED at Guns Save Life”
  1. I have read your newsletter for quite some time now and agree wholeheartedly with most of the content of the articles.
    I would like to be concidered as a contributer to your paper as I try hard to keep up on this Administrations attempts to circumvent the 2nd Amendment.
    I am a 65 year old who has loved this nation and fought for it and bled for it in Vietnam and hope it remains free, though I have my reservations

  2. I am 80 Years old, I miss going to the meetings every month like we used to, but i still go to the meetings every month in Sangamon County.
    There is one issue that I’m very concerned about and that is the UN agenda 21, if we work on this on a local we can make big progress.

    1. Carroll,

      Miss seeing you! Agreed on Agenda 21.

      I’m sure Wendy and I will see you and the missus soon!

      All the best!


    1. hi i drive by your place sometimes and is there a place to park a 18 wheeler to visit????? I would very much like to learn how to carrie a gun on the road legally in each state, the world is getting different than before. hope to hear from u about this matter,. carol

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