Chicago (GunNews) – How bad has the rampant violence plaguing Chicago gotten?

It’s bad enough that the Chicago Sun-Times published a lengthy, shocking expose on how even Chicago’s Alderman are frightened by Chicago’s spiraling violent crime in general, and their own constituents in their districts  in particular.

Chicago’s Aldermen have long been privileged creatures, insulated from most street crime (although not from the FBI putting the bracelets on them), but not any longer.

Excerpts from the Sun-Times article:

‘I’m afraid of dying;’ Violence hits home for aldermen

— Ald. Sandi Jackson (7th), whose South Side ward includes an area known as “Terror Town,” says she always double-checks to make sure no one with a gun is lurking before she backs into her own driveway.

Alderman Emma Mitts and her elderly mother, Betty Russ, talked about violence in their neighborhood at their home on August 13, 2012. | Al Podgorski~Chicago Sun-Times

— In Austin, Ald. Emma Mitts (37th) says she tries not to let fear get the best of her but knows that’s hard for her mother, who lives with her. So she hurries to get home before the streetlights come on at night to keep her mother from worrying.

— For Ald. Carrie Austin (34th), the violence that’s gripped Chicago this year is personal…

Over Memorial Day weekend, a college freshman home for the summer was shot to death just five doors down from Austin’s sturdy A-frame home in Roseland on the city’s South Side. He was a friend of her grandson.

“I don’t really want to say this, but now I’m frightened,” says Austin, who lives within a couple of blocks of where three murders and one other shooting took place in the period the Sun-Times analysis covered. “Now, I’m afraid of dying.”
–Ald. James Cappleman lives with his partner, Richard Thale, in Uptown a short walk from the Aragon Ballroom and the area Mayor Rahm Emanuel hopes one day will become a rock ’n’ roll tourist mecca. It’s just as close to a shooting gallery of warring gangs.

“There have been times I’ve panicked,” Cappleman says.

Read the entire LONG story…


Second City Cop summed it up nicely:  “these are the fools who think disarming everybody is the answer. They can’t even begin to protect their constituents and neighbors from the thugs, so they figure the best way to deal with it is to make it impossible for anybody to resist the thugs. Huh?”


We would like to give a huge hat tip to Days of our Trailers for turning us on to this story!

4 thoughts on “ALDERMEN SCARED! Chicago’s aldermen are frightened by crime and their constituents!”
  1. Not to worry.
    Despite the fact that it is illegal for ordinary citizens to carry concealed weapons in Chicago, it’s different for alderman. An 1872 state law allows aldermen and other municipal officials, as peace officers, to carry guns, make arrests and detain suspects “after receiving a certificate attesting to the successful completion of a training course administered by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training Standards Board.”
    What’s that famous line? All pigs are equal, but some are more equal than others.

  2. I’ve worked in Chicago too many times to count, and I was ALWAYS ARMED. Just to cool Rahmses II’s nerves, I’ll never work there again. Try being a hardworking white boy with Alabama plates working on the South Side. Had to pull my pistol a few times, and the local badasses ran like rabbits. Let ’em all escape, and shoot ’em in the back!

  3. If the good people of Chicago ever wake up and figure out what their City and County governments have done to them the politicians will probably wish they’d outlawed rope instead of guns.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA. U have ‘NO’ idea how ‘FUNNY’ this is!!!!!

    Talk about POETIC JUSTICE!!!


    : )

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