A body removal service loads up another freshly dead body in Chicago early in the morning of September 15, 2012.
Photo courtesy Chicago Tribune.


The Obama economy is good for one industry besides firearms – at least in America’s second largest city:  body removal services.

Oh yeah, 8 shot, 3 dead on a beautiful Saturday in Chicago.

The Trib has the story…

8 wounded, 3 dead in city shootings

A couple dozen people stood silent outside police tape in Humboldt Park early Saturday morning as West Side police guarding a crime scene stood expressionless on the other side.

Residents of the neighborhood tucked their hands inside hoodie sleeves to keep warm. Police put theirs behind duty vests.

About three houses down from the tape, 26-year-old Jerrell Butler lay dead in a gangway, shot while standing on a sidwalk with his 32-year-old cousin, who was also wounded.

The pair was among three people killed and eight others wounded in shootings in the city, mostly across the South and West Sides, Friday night and Saturday morning.

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8 wounded, 3 dead in city shootings

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