We wrote earlier in the week about Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein pledging to reintroduce a ban on America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15, and tens of millions of other semi-automatic rifles and pistols, along with full-capacity magazine bans and other stuff that’s well outside what Americans want.

Now, we’re not big followers (or fans, quite honestly) of Jon Stewart and his Daily Show on Comedy Central, but he put this video up and it made us cringe.  Democrats, the party of inclusion and open-mindedness – the party of diversity, were shown to be a lot of the attributes they were projecting upon gun owners in Stewart’s interviews.  They claimed to represent “everybody” as the “party of inclusion”.

These aren’t a bunch of fringe wackos from a Code Pink protest (well, some might be).  These were attendees and delegates at the Democrat National Convention.

When asked who they wouldn’t include, things got interesting.

What did they say?

“Unless you’re a hunter, gun owner”

“Gun-totin’, hillbilly Tea Partiers.”

“Wackjob, evangelical gun nuts.”

“We don’t stereotype.  We don’t generalize.”

“The teabaggers generalize because they are very narrow-minded people.” and from the same woman: “The teabaggers are the least tolerant group I’ve ever seen and they’re destroying us.”

“I’ve always called them Nazis.”

“We even invite the redneck freaks in.”

“I would never call a redneck a name…”

Check this out.  It’s good for a facepalm or three, a cringe and probably a laugh or two.

If you’re a Democrat, you might want to hang your head in shame at the end.