Another new normal with the new school year in Chicago.

A brand new football stadium built is the sight of a massive brawl, reports of shots fired, stabbings and a huge police response.

Just another Friday night in Chicago.

Here’s the new stadium the Chinese built before Friday night’s festivities began. (Well, supposedly the taxpayers, but they didn’t have the money so bonds were surely sold.)

Here’s the link to the story about the carnage.  Photos courtesy Chicago Sun-Times / NBC5.

One person was stabbed after a fight broke out at Gately Stadium Friday, halting the Simeon-Morgan Park football game, and eye witnesses and a police source said shots were possibly fired.

Loud noises and flashes of light could be seen coming from the Morgan Park stands, according to a Sun-Times reporter who was at the game at 800 E. 103rd. A police source told the Sun-Times a large fight broke out at the game and said officers responded to reports of shots fired.

“We were just cheering for our team, and then the next thing we knew

we heard something,” said Suzy Hilton, 15, a Simeon ninth-grader. “I saw [a flash of] light. We heard a gunshot. And everybody just ran and we had to duck down under the benches. It was real scary. … I was very afraid.”

And Five-Oh supervisory staff standing around trying to figure out what the heck is going on after the carnage was over.