First, NYPD cops shoot not one or two, or even three or four innocent bystanders while engaging the Empire State Building Shooter a couple of Fridays ago.  No, they shot all nine, scoring direct hits on some and ricochets with the others.

Sure, part of that was the heavy, 12-pound trigger required on all NYPD issued guns.  Some if it was obviously poor training.  Contrast the reaction of the two NYPD professionals facing off against one man with that of a security guard in Florida who did an exemplary job meeting three armed robbers head-on by himself.  (Click links to see videos.)

But this latest shooting, a negligent discharge of an NYPD officer’s service gun, killed a man fleeing an armed robbery when he ran smack dab into this cop fleeing the establishment.

Clearly our cop had is finger on the trigger inappropriately.

Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg should spend a little money on training his NYPD cops more and spend less time agitating to pass regulations on infant formula, soft-drink sizes, trans-fat and salt bans and some of his other nanny-state bright ideas.

Just for the record:  What’s the rule about booger pickers and bang switches?

Keep your finger off the cotton-pickin’ trigger until you’ve DECIDED to fire.

That way you won’t splatter Marvin’s brains all over the back seat of your car.