Today the US Supreme Court denied the appeals from Illinois concerning the so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act.”  Before you get too depressed, take a few minutes to read Justice Thomas’ statement.

If that’s not a clear warning to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to get their heads out of their asses, I’m not sure what is.

Justice Thomas wrote, “In my view, Illinois’ ban is ‘highly suspect because it broadly prohibits common semiautomatic firearms used for lawful purposes,’” adding that it is difficult to see how the Seventh Circuit could have concluded that the most widely owned semiautomatic rifles are not “Arms” protected by the Second Amendment.

The bottom line?  Thomas’ statement clearly lays down the gauntlet for the Seventh Circuit.  Get it right or face a future Supreme Court review and reversal.

All eyes now turn to the Southern District of Illinois federal court, where four consolidated gun ban challenges are expected to move forward with a bench trial scheduled for September 16 in East St. Louis.

Here’s the relevant pages from today’s order from the US Supreme Court.

6 thoughts on “TODAY: Illinois cases denied cert by SCOTUS”
  1. It’s great that Justice Thomas knows the 7th is horse shit and I know the court doesn’t like to intervene in cases until after final judgement but WE get to be stripped of our rights until the 7th gets it right or gets forced by SCOTUS. Of course the 7th will play games and drag this out as long as possible.

  2. Dear Honorable, Justice Thomas,
    “It is difficult to see how the Seventh Circuit could have concluded that?” Please note that the 7th Circus of Appeals is most definitely working hand in hand with the governor and his crew. This is all an orchestrated, and probably paid for, scheme.
    Furthermore, the state will ask for an endless chain of delays and the court will allow each and every one. I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes on for 5 years or more, all in hopes that there will be some SCOTUS turnover so they can get the ruling they’ve been wishing for. Justice Alito was right. You needed to take this over to prevent these shenanigans.
    These people are very diabolical and very evil. It’s scary how well they and their kind have planned this out, play political games, accuse the other side of being the evil ones, and work this like a chess game.

  3. And I was hoping the Supreme Court would smack down the 7th Court.
    It’s obvious that the 7th Court has no respect for any decision the Supreme Court
    makes and basically chooses to ignore the higher courts precedent.

    It just adds to the waste of time and money in the courts.

  4. I would not worry too much about this. Yes the delay in time is unfortunate and unmerited but look how long it took to lay the foundation, the groundwork for Bruen. God bless Justice Scalia for the work he did for us and Justice Thomas for seeing it through. The thinking justices have a six to three majority and they’re going to do the right thing when the right case comes up these cases were all preliminary to trial. Let judge McGuin conduct a trial and let the seventh circuit undo it and then the Supreme Court will do the right thing. You must also understand that the Supreme Court is terrified that these defiant lower courts might just ignore its precedent creating a constitutional dilemma along the lines of Marbury versus Madison.

    I fear three things first of all EMP, second of all economic collapse and finally courts that think they are not bound by precedent. That simple lack of disrespect and disregard for an established practice in the court system would undo our entire government.

    And despite Amy Coney Barrett’s seeming turn to the left or at least to the center she will make the right vote when the right case comes before the court. She is a Christian mother and a devoted wife. She knows what the Second Amendment means.

    And don’t blame the lawyers because gsl’s brief was absolutely amazing! I didn’t read all the other ones but I would imagine they were equally well thought, well reasoned, and well written! And thank you GSL for what you did. Don’t give up the ghost!

    Look at all of the good you and the Second Amendment lawyers have done for us first there was Fanny pack Carry, then we got concealed carry which we still have mercifully …many of the other states have constitutional carry and most have shall issue permitting processes. This is Head and Shoulders above anything that any of us who are alive in the ’80s and ’90s experienced.

    That is significant advances in the Second Amendment Community especially since the 1930s and 40s. It will come and I hope that I’m alive when it does!

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