So, like you, I like to read the news in the morning over a hot beverage, and anything really stupid grabs my attention. Living close to Chicago I am rarely at a loss for stupid news content.

This one is a whopper. Yes, the 4th of July weekend (Thurs through Sun) in Chicago had 109 human beings shot by other human beings and 19 of them died. Well by God…somebody ought to do something!

So the Mayor Brandon Johnson himself, got out in the press the obvious message these shootings/murders were of course not his fault, or the fault of any actual criminal. Nope. They were the fault of “disinvestments and disenfranchisement”, oh and they were also the fault of the Republican party.

Boy he nailed that one didn’t he? No sense taking any blame on yourself, when you can pin it on rhetorical nonsense, and on the opposing political party- and avoiding ostracizing any of your voting block or the criminals themselves (they can vote you know!) You don’t want them to feel bad about themselves or label them with the new uber-liberal term “Justice Impacted” individuals.

I had to re-read this one couple of times, slap my forehead and shook my head so fiercely I got dizzy. Apparently no one shot those guns at other people, it was disinvestments who did it. I didn’t know that concept had opposable thumbs or a large cache of giggle switch Glocks! Maybe the mayor can get some federal money to start a new CPD task force to round up all of the known disenfranchisements too while you he has national attention. Nobody shoots and murders like Chicago! (…and here the mayor says it was in fact nobody- just the idea of disinvestments that did it.)

Here is the quote:  “We are standing here today talking about a violent weekend because of generations of disinvestment and deep disenfranchisement in the exact communities where so much of the violence has taken place,” He went on to then blame the GOP for protecting a lobbyist entity which makes sure illegal guns can flow through the streets of Chicago.

I think this lobbyist thing is a reference to the NRA which of course promotes LEGAL gun ownership for citizens who are allowed by law to own guns and comport themselves within the boundaries of the restrictive laws. There is no mention by the mayor of “bad people” or heaven forbid “criminals”  voluntarily engaging in over a hundred attempted murders via the use of deadly force. No, far better to mention illegal guns, not the actual criminals and their repeated illegal acts.

These criminals are operating outside the societal mores. (I didn’t sleep through all of Sociology 101.)  They just discard the whole “Work hard and get ahead American Dream.” They are living for the moment, not for tomorrow, and have no built in appreciation for the sanctity of human life, and shooting others is completely valid to protect themselves and their illegal activities.

They are bad robots, and have been built in probably the worst bad robot factory in the U.S.- the south side of Chicago. The overseers have let it run for decades but cannot say a harsh word about the gangs of bad robots coming out of the factory. Instead, they tsk, tsk about the results and point fingers at others- all the while hamstringing police intervention and creating a revolving door no-bail system which insures any bad robots who are captured get to return to the street with minimal time/money inconvenience.

Blame the damn criminals for once would ya? They are bad people committing horrific violence against other bad people but more importantly repeatedly slopping their violence over onto innocent and law abiding people. Don’t they deserve protection under the law?

Nah, it’s the disenfranchisements see… and while we are at it we should probably make up some more laws to restrict the law abiding gun owners, and make the criminals who don’t follow the law prohibiting armed violence and murderer more… illegal-er? Illegal-ish?

Maybe I am ranting a bit…but when ya see stupid being paraded about like this Mayor’s pronouncement along with the claim it’s “smart” or “right” …call it out!



11 thoughts on “Chicago 4th of July tally- 109 shot, 19 murdered. Mayor blames “Disinvestments” and the Republican Party”
  1. As the saying goes. You can’t fix stupid. Early on in da mayor’s term I saw a photo of him. Thought someone had put it thru an app. Turns out it wasn’t. His pointed hair do is reminiscent of a P T Barnum circus character. Specifically Zippy the pinhead. And Shitago has all the other aspects of a poorly run circus to boot.

  2. Everyone knows what needs to be done, and it could be. But, it takes real finesse to dig-up a dead guy (Nixon, 30 yrs ago) as a scapegoat to kick around. (You can always spot the kids that were picked-on in school – rightly or wrongly of course.)

    1. “Everyone knows what needs to be done …”?

      Yeah. Corporal Hicks knows.
      “I say we take off, nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  3. Gee, disenfranchisement and disinvestment, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Let’s start with disinvestment, what came first, investment or the theft of products in/of businesses which resulted in disinvestment because businesses were not able to make a profit in order to stay in business because of the theft of goods offered for sale.
    Disenfranchisement, (deprive (someone) of a right or privilege), as in the Right to BE secure in one’s life, home, business; being/living without the fear of disenfranchisement, enforced by legally appointed “protectors” (aka: law enforcement) abiding by constitutional laws.
    The criminal element in society, NOT a long dead Republican, are the ones perpetrating “disenfranchisement and disinvestment” as well as those “in authority” who do not hold accountable the perpetrators of the crimes and therefore are the very “enablers” of “disenfranchisement and disinvestment” and “Let’s-go” Brandon is “the LEADER OF THE PACK” as he is the head of Chitcago political society.
    YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW Brandon, live with it or change it, THAT is why you were elected to the office of mayor!

  4. The Usual Suspects are morally decrepit, Godless, brainless, illiterate products of ‘this culture’ I hear of from so many racists like…. All one has to do is look at the music video, listen to the ‘rap’ lyrics, see these buffoons mugging on television, listen to these buffoons speak when interviewed. My God we don’t have a gun/violence/societal/whatever problem we have a SPECIFIC people problem. I won’t mention the adjective as such is forbidden in our ‘democracy’.

    1. Thank God Obama saved us, eh?!

      Man did he unify the nation or what!

      Now all we need is 4 to 8 years of Big Mike.

  5. While those responsible are the SPECIFIC people why don’t we mention who helped our friends along in this ‘democracy’? The party of slavery, Jim Crow, no I will not help you pass the civil rights act, Lyndon B. (big mouth caught on tape we’ll own em’ for the next 100 years) Johnson, we could go on….
    Y’all on the plantation and too ignorant to understand y’all on the plantation. Our Republic does not guarantee equal outcomes, only equal opportunities. The ass clowns denying you equal opportunity in the 21st Century are the same ass clowns who wanted to keep you enslaved and have accomplished it without chains and whips since 1865! Wake the F up you buffoons!!!!!

    1. I say AMEN! to that, Jeff, the plantation “uncle toms” always accuse the conservatives of “being on the plantation” of those who have shed the chains of the democRATiKKK Marxists and joined the party of the emancipation.

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