To the Editor:

With the 80th anniversary of D-Day now behind us, it seems appropriate to reflect upon whether or not this momentous event had any lasting impact on   America and our allies:

When I was young, D Day was about a day of remembrance. It also stood as a testament to the devastating killing efficiency of the modern machine gun in a fortified bunker. In any event, everyone was made aware of the Allies’ sacrifice to liberate France and the rest of Europe from the Nazis. Nearly 10,000 grave markers populate the vast Normandy American Cemetery, serving as a permanent reminder of the blood spilled that day.

Fast forward 80 years. What, if anything, remains of the pride and patriotism generated by the selfless sacrifice of America’s young men? A recent AXIOS poll shows that a mere 18% of America’s 18-34 year-olds are proud to be an American. Our kids didn’t come by this anti-American attitude on their own. Their indoctrination began with their first day of public school and continued until they became the useful idiots that we now see glued to some damn sidewalk.  Sadly, the country that so many of our servicemen gave their lives for on June 6, 1944, no longer exists.

Our French friends have always preferred that Americans die for its freedom. And today, as Bibi Netanyahu deals with Joe Biden, he now understands what Jed Babbin meant, when he said in the lead up to our war with Iraq: “…going to war without France is like going deer hunting without an accordion. You just leave a lot useless noisy baggage behind”. Joe Biden’s America has become Bibi Netanyahu’s “accordion”.

Gary Hetherington

Springfield, Illinois

5 thoughts on “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: D-Day then and now”
  1. Well said indeed. The America I grew up in doesn’t exist anymore. I lost an Uncle to WW2. My father was a WW2 Veteran. As time has gone by. The sacrifices not only made during WW2 have been forgotten. But going all the way back to our country’s founding. History not taught is bound to be repeated.

  2. Given what has become of our country and “our” culture … If you went back in time and showed our troops what would happen in 80 years, you think they’d still get in those boats to hit the beach?

  3. The only thing I would change is the fact that they are not public schools, but rather government schools.

    1. Gipp,
      Gubmint indoctrination centers run by the communistic “teacher’s unions” (aka: indoctrinator’s union) that are trying to destroy America as founded by propagandizing the “gay agenda” as Lenin’s useful idiots.
      Pray for America, Satan is in control of the Marxist democRAT “party”.

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