by John Boch
GSL Executive Director

The US Supreme Court.
Obviously we are waiting for an order from the US Supreme Court on our federal court challenge to the so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” gun and magazine ban. We remain cautiously optimistic for a favorable order, which will restore your ability and mine to buy and possess the most effective self-defense firearms to protect ourselves and our families.

No matter how it goes we should step back and take a look at where we have come. We as Guns Save Life are part of a case in Conference at US Supreme Court. We’re there on a case that has national implications to defend the right of Americans in every state to own the most effective guns for self-defense.

That’s pretty incredibly impressive for a group that started with a half-dozen or eight people in the basement of an Urbana restaurant three decades ago. Nobody would have ever dreamed of that sort of success trajectory thirty years ago.


Let’s go Brandon.
Joe Biden’s approval numbers keep setting new record lows with each passing month. The media sometimes reports those, but fails to note that his “record low” is only “so far.” He’s got nine months to go.

The good news for Joe is that he’s still more popular than anal warts. For now.

Supposedly there will be a debate in June. Two things are almost certain if it does happen: It will set records for viewership and secondly, Joe Biden will not agree to any drug tests.

The Democratic National Convention.
The DNC event in Chicago will take place between August 19-22. Folks, you don’t want to be within a quarter tank of gas of the United Center. Scores of organizations comprised of malcontents, kooks, communists and Antifa types (sorry for repeating myself) will swarm the DNC attempting to cause the maximum amount of anarchy and disruption.

Given how Mayor Moron Johnson has come down in interviews doubling down on his support for the “mostly peaceful” protests-to-be (and not law-and-order) I think it’s a pretty safe bet there will be bedlam. Parts of Chicago may even burn.

Again, don’t be anywhere near that. If you live, work or (foolishly) play nearby, that would be a great week to take a vacation to get the heck outta Dodge.

The bad idea factory.
The Illinois General Assembly, known as the Bad Idea Factory, continues to work at full production. Fortunately, they only have so much plate at the bad idea buffet and gun control generally isn’t what they’re hungering for. Instead, they seem to be working hard to rig elections and protect illegals’ right to vote. You probably saw that Pritzker signed a “gut and replace” amendment that kept the Parents’ Notification Referendum off the ballot along with a bunch of candidates Republicans planned to slate prior to the November elections. And the Dems brazenly called it an “ethics reform” bill. Only in Illinois. And they wonder why Illinois continues to lose productive residents to other states.

When it comes to gun control, they’ll probably pass Karina’s Law which would give cops warrants to search the homes of those hit with Red Flag or Emergency Orders of Protection.

It is ex parte, meaning you don’t have a right to confront your accuser until after they’ve taken your stuff for a couple of weeks… and even if the allegations are determined to be unfounded, you will still have to fight for weeks or even months to get your FOID and CCW back.

In fact getting your guns back might require court action in some jurisdictions.

The bill would also expand who can file for an OP to include anyone who even claims they’ve been “intimate” with you. Call this the “Bad Tinder Date” expansion. It also includes your ex- spouses.

UPDATE:  The good news is they failed to pass this bill before session adjourned.  I assure you it will be considered in the fall veto session.

How out of step is Illinois?
Did you know…
• 29 States have Permitless Carry.
• 24 States allow concealed carry in their state capitol buildings (some require a CCW license).
• 14 states allow folks to open carry loaded long guns in the galleries overlooking their legislative chambers.

Now, no doubt some people will be aghast at the lack of gun control schemes in those states, but those states don’t have Chicago style violent crime… or corruption.


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