What happens when you blissfully ignore the red flags all around you?  Denial has no survival value and a Chicago couple on date night paid a high price for their inability to recognize the forest of red flags in front of them.

On Friday night, a couple out for date night – maybe to celebrate their new pregnancy – got introduced to cultural diversity and enrichment.

While walking home in Streeterville, the couple were attacked by a feral mob of young black teens.  (And no, we’re not capitalizing “black”.)

In an instant, the mob attacked the couple, beating the husband senseless.

And then they turned for the woman.

They pounced on the woman in a dress, telling her “We own the street.”   They pepper sprayed her and dragged her to the ground by the hair.  They tried to curb stomp her in addition to punching and kicking her as she lay on the ground.  The woman recalls one of her attackers saying, “You can’t just walk around prancing in your little dress.”

Imagine how differently it would have turned out if the couple had armed themselves for a date night in Chicago.

Cops identified and arrested two of the juvenile mob, and the Cook County State’s Attorney promptly charged them with misdemeanors.

This despite the death of the unborn child and the savage nature of the attack in public.

They were right.  They own the street.  They can act however they damn well please and the people running Chicago will not hold them accountable for savage attacks upon others.  Because, you know, we don’t want more black and brown people put into the prison pipeline.

Listen to the TV news interview with the woman.  She still doesn’t get it.  The woman told Fox32, “they were saying things that just didn’t make any sense to me because they don’t know me personally.”

The woman remains clueless.

Keep voting for Biden, Pritzker and the rest of the soft-on-crime Dems, honey.

From Second City Cop:

So a group of non-demonized yutes ran wild in Streeterville over the weekend, attacking and beating a married couple out on a date night.

Fox 32 has the report here, but there doesn’t seem to be a print report with it.

The non-demonized yutes beat the husband pretty extensively, then caught the wife and beat her badly enough that she ended up miscarrying her pregnancy. The only two arrested were a 17 year old female and a 14 year old male among a group of a few dozen claiming they “owned the streets.”

Crimesha refused felony charges so only misdemeanor charges were lodged and as far as we can tell, no one remained in custody for more than a few minutes.

Fox 32’s take:

A husband and wife were attacked after going on a date in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood on Friday.

The couple found themselves surrounded by teens around 8:30 p.m. at Grand Avenue and McClurg Court. They were kicked, stomped on, and punched repeatedly.

Nina, who didn’t want to show her face on camera, shared images with FOX 32 showing a chunk of her hair pulled out. During the interview, her eye was still bruised.

Her husband was also viciously attacked by the group, which held him down.

Nina said this wasn’t a robbery, and that the teens pepper-sprayed her and kicked her stomach. She was two weeks pregnant and said she found out after the attack that she had lost the baby.

“We believe in faith, and it wasn’t meant to be. So, we don’t know why this happened to us,” Nina said.

Chicago police arrived on the scene and quickly caught a 14-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl. Both were charged with one count of misdemeanor battery.

“They didn’t steal anything. They say like, ‘we own the street. We own the street. You can’t walk around.’ I was wearing like a nice dress and heels. Like I was out on the date with my husband, and they dragged my dress on the ground, and they said, like, ‘we own the street. You can’t just walk around prancing in your little dress.’ And they were saying things that just didn’t make any sense to me because they don’t know me personally,” Nina said.

Chicago police are investigating. We also reached out to the Cook County State’s Attorney to see if additional charges are pending. We are waiting to hear back.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a response, Fox32.

You’re on your own in Chicago, folks.

5 thoughts on “CULTURAL ENRICHMENT, CHICAGO STYLE: Date night for nice couple turns horror as feral mob of black teens attacks, causes miscarriage of pregnancy”
  1. It is past time for “a big, tall tree, and a short piece of rope” (or a handy light post) for each and every one of the feral thugs that think they “own the streets”, the taxpayers “own the streets”; how much you want to bet the feral thugs do not pay property taxes, or any other taxes. Thieves don’t pay taxes on stolen items.
    Pray for America! Chit-cago is lost to the devil and his demons!

  2. Cesspool. Yet she can’t fathom that those ghetto thugs have an entirely different learned morality than civilized people. They aren’t animals, but without deterrence they can certainly act pretty uncivilized. I have had more than a few black friends over the years. Like everyone else they want to raise their family and give their kids a shot at having a better life. These hood rats make some people think all black folks are like them when they are not.

  3. FOX News tells us breathlessly that the assailants are believed to be teens but they still won’t tell us that they’re black.

    Will we ever have a return to sanity?

  4. Have to disagree, Sam. These ARE animals, savages.

    Having/having had black friends is a non-sequitur. People are not the color of their skin. People are their choices, actions, and character. The excessive focus on race (and the bigotry of low expectations) is the primary reason the human scum who murdered this couple’s baby are out on misdemeanor charges. Instead, human scum need to be treated as such, with complete indifference as to the color of their skin. If trends emerge, such as blacks being massively over-represented in prison…well then, let those who care about skin color figure out a solution. Because for the rest of us, having every violent criminal behind bars — regardless of skin color, accounting only for their actions — actually IS the solution.

  5. The savages who do this with impunity have been taught that they are victims and will never get anywhere without daddy government, and that they bear no responsibility for their own lives. Combined with the limp, weak criminal courts in Crook county, ( I know, having lived there) these turds will face no real penalty, until years later when their victim selection is in error, and someone cancels them painfully. What you do not punish, you get more of. Its true everywhere.

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