Our legal bills have started to mount up in our case to block the Illinois gun and magazine ban.  We need your help…

Our challenges to the so-called Protect Illinois Communities Act are currently running two parallel tracks.

The appeal to the US Supreme Court remains pending.

At the same time we’re moving ahead quickly at the federal district court to argue the case on its merits. We’re looking at a September trial date, give or take a month. In the meantime, dealing with expert witnesses is running up the billable hours for our attorneys.

We’re asking folks to donate directly to organizations that have set up tax-deductible 501c3 charities to accept monies used to pay our attorney fees.

Send your check directly to them to get your tax deduction if you itemize your deductions at tax time. The SADEC fund from the Aurora Sportsmen’s Club can and does donate to both our Illinois barristers as well as the CD Michel law firm that’s backstopping our local team. Meanwhile the Second Amendment Law Center is dedicated to funding our national firm that’s doing most of the heavy lifting on crafting our briefs.

Don’t want a paper trail?  Bring some 50s or 100s to the next GSL meeting and put them in the hat (or jar) for legal defense donations.  We’ll forward them to SADEC (again, because of the greater flexibility to where the money can be directed).

And this should not be interpreted as a slight to the FFL-IL fundraising efforts.  As I understand them, they aren’t 501c3 but they are going to legal bills.  For those who itemize deductions for federal tax purposes, this deduction can be important.

What else are we going to do?
At our board meeting a few days ago, the board approved holding a second “Great Guns 2024” gun drawing.  In the coming days, we’ll decide between a Colt 1911 and another great M1A Scout Squad (as a thumb in the eyeball of Gov. Pritzker) as the featured firearm.

The board also voted to earmark the profits from both Great Guns drawings towards our legal team.

When our bookkeeper returns from vacation, we approved sending $5000 to SADEC and to send the balance of profits on the Great Guns 2024 drawing in another check later this month.

2 thoughts on “Our legal team needs your help”
  1. Folks, this fight is going to take a long time and cost a lot of money. Good lawyers are not cheap and cheap lawyers are not good. If the antis win here, they will have shown that law abiding gun owners can be beat. They will use the same tactics in other states. They are depending on your apathy to win. They use our tax money against us. They consider us the problem, not the people who actually do real harm to good people. To their way of thinking, Illinois would be a Democratic Utopia if not for us little people.

    GSL is the most powerful 2A group in Illinois, in my opinion. We print over 20,000 copies of Gun News each month. A bundle of Gun News goes to Congress every month. People who can make a real difference read Gun News. Be one of those people.
    Please give to these lawsuits and become a member of GSL. Your voice is being heard.

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