Imagine you’re living in the very monied suburb of Winnetka.  Where the poors live in million-dollar homes.  A suburb widely thought safe from the ravages of Chicago-style violence.  Why, it’s almost like Mayberry in the 21st Century.  Well, it was.

If you thought it was exempt from Chicago-style violent crime, think again.  Thanks to soft-on-crime policies, Chicago-style crime is coming to your neighborhood too.

Like in Winnetka where a homeowner awoke to three thugs trying to steal his Maserati and a Range Rover after breaking into his home office.

The ensuing shootout over the course of quite a while (minutes?) resulted in a whole lot (as in scores) of brass shell casings scattered about (reason #11333234 why magazine limit legislation is bad for the good people and good for the criminal class).   All while the homeowners five daughters slept in the home.

The guy got very lucky.

PRO-TIP:  They may well be back, buddy.  Especially if they got your keys.  Change your locks on your home and your cars, like NOW.

From ABC7:

Nearby residents said they mistook the gunshots for fireworks early on Memorial Day. The homeowner who fired his gun said he did what had to be done, in his own words. Although he didn’t want to speak on camera late Monday afternoon, he shared haunting details of exactly what happened.

Shortly before 5 a.m., a man woke up to hearing sounds of his car starting outside. He ran out to find three thieves trying to steal two of his cars, a Range Rover and a Maserati.

He said he yelled to the thieves to stop, threatening to shoot, and that’s when one of the suspects began firing at him from the street. The homeowner said he took cover behind a tree and returned fire. Dozens of shell casings riddled the street and sidewalk.

Winnetka police blocked off the area near Willow and Sheridan for several hours while investigators collected evidence from the shootout. The homeowner said the thieves were able to break into his home through the front office before stealing the keys from the garage. It all happened while his five daughters were asleep inside.

Here’s Second City Cop’s take:

Winnetka is essentially four square miles of money. Second richest suburb in Illinois, top twenty in the US. Homes average a million dollars with per capita incomes to match. And hopefully, armed to the teeth.

We’re going to bet that the car thieves weren’t local and may have arrived from twenty miles south.

6 thoughts on “GUNFIGHT IN WINNETKA: Monied suburb sees criminals shoot it out with homeowner”
  1. With no cash bail, the perps if caught will be out again. The homeowner will be sued for not having a better security system. Welcome to hell.

  2. A friend knows folks in the area. The word on the street is that it wasn’t the usual suspects from the hood, but rather linked to Russian Mafia.

  3. I commented in an earlier article we are safe nowhere. Believe me now? Suburban fools think gunshots are fireworks, on Memorial Day? Fireworks? Are these dim-witted Democrat voters as Stupak (those who know the reference) as the two ‘Squat’ members who deleted tweets? I am surrounded by imbeciles in this state! Russian mafia, usual suspects, the little mermaid blah…blah…blah… vote Democrat dim-wits; more unfettered legal and illegal immigration. Even the friggin’ young Germans are learning a lesson while we continue to trod the same grave! Next these a-holes will be blaming this on Trump.

  4. The crawler on the video clip is as stupid as Democrat voters. “Gunfire breaks out…” As if this is a pop-up restaurant. Gunfire does not “break out” you morons! People engage in behavior that is likely to cause death or great bodily harm using an inanimate object.

  5. Winnetka’s (IL 18th district) representative appointed majority leader (2023) by current IL house speaker. Check her bio. I’d say she’s all in.

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