Well now.  The criminal cesspool known as Los Angeles claims its latest victim.  A B-list actor from General Hospital won’t be making any future episodes after getting shot by a thug in LA at 3am last weekend.  Sucks to be him, but he’s just one of many victims of violent crime – even homicide – in the blue utopia known as Los Angeles, California.

If he wasn’t famous, like 99% of the other victims of blue city violence, we never would have known of his death.

Fox has the deets:

A man who was fatally shot by one of three suspects allegedly trying to steal his vehicle’s catalytic converter on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles has been identified as former “General Hospital” actor Johnny Wactor.

The incident happened Sunday around 3 a.m. in the area of West Pico Boulevard and South Hope Street, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. 

He was shot and killed by one of a team of catalytic converter thieves.

Hint for the day:  Don’t confront criminals over property crimes.  Let the cops do it.  And if they cops don’t get there, let the thugs go.  Your life is worth more than a damn catalytic converter.

2 thoughts on “Senseless LA violence claims life of General Hospital actor Johnny Wactor”
  1. An actor? I ponder his political leanings. An example of why one should not come unarmed to a shooting, at least make it a gunfight. When will the public understand they are in danger everywhere, all the time. Got news for ya’ kids ya’ ain’t safe in your own home anymore. Ask my neighbor who was home invaded in our lilly-pale suburb at 1300 in the afternoon. After years of pleading my case he now carries in his home and no longer makes fun of me for doing so.

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