It’s Friday night and illegal aliens decided they didn’t want to to to bed early so they could get up, go to work and make the world a better place.  Instead, they stayed up late, attacking cops and one another as if Chicago was a third-world penal colony and they were the inmates.

CWB Chicago has more.

Chicago police declared a “10-1” police emergency in the Loop on Friday evening as two large groups of people clashed in Pritzker Park.

A migrant living at a nearby shelter was stabbed, a Chicago police officer suffered a broken finger, and at least three people were arrested in the melee.

It all began around 9:08 p.m. when a CPD unit posted outside the Standard Club migrant shelter asked for more cars. They said a large group broke up as they approached, and they saw someone wrapping their arm as if it had been injured. But nobody wanted to talk with them, and the crowd all returned to Plymouth Court, said one officer.

Just three minutes later, cops again called for more units, saying migrants were fighting inside Pritzker Park. An officer in the Central (1st) District police district’s surveillance room estimated that 70 to 80 people were involved.

If you’re not carrying everyday, you’re not acting prudently to protect and defend your life from attack by these “new Americans.”

4 thoughts on “YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN: Chicago Cops lose control at Pritzker ‘ILLEGAL ALIEN’ shelter melee Friday”
  1. It’s practice leading up to the Democrat Communist Convention. Things don’t look good for Chicago PD.

  2. Oh, my gosh, .. a cop with a broken finger!!! Where’s the justice; Where’s the peace??? When will this mayhem dissist, so our police can eat their fill o doughnuts in peace??? When? When??? 😉

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