“We as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”
– President Barack Obama

You may have heard Mr. Obama’s statement repeated by an assortment of celebs, elites, political hacks and assorted globalist narcissists, but how true is it? Spoiler alert: It’s not.

Yes, we have serious problems, particularly (of late) with school killing sprees, but while those numbers of innocents killed or injuried is tragic and terrible, it could be far, far worse. Take for example a small sampling on incidents in advanced countries:

July 2011 – Oslo, Norway: 8 killed, 200 wounded in terrorist bombing.
July 2011 – Utoga, Norway: 69 shot and killed by a lunatic at a summer camp
Nov 2008 – Mumbai, India: 4 day terror attack, 164 dead (mostly shot), 300+ wounded
Dec 1989 – Montreal, Canada: 14 women shot and killed, 14 more wounded
Dec 2014 – Edmonton, Canada: 8 shot and killed by suicidal nut
Jan 2017 – Quebec City, Canada: 6 killed, 19 wounded at mosque
May 2017 – Southern Egypt: 25 Coptic Christians killed, 26 wounded

Meanwhile in China, that bastion of gun control and news control
May 2010: Man hacks 7 children and 2 adults to death in kindergarten
Apr 2010: Weifang: Man wounds 5 kindergartners and a teacher with a hammer
Apr 2010: Jiangsu: Man attacks 4-year-olds, wounds 29 along with 3 adults
Apr 2010: Liezhou: teacher on sick leave stabs 18 primary school kids and one adult
Mar 2010: Fujian: Man stabs 8 elementary school kids to death

Russia, another country is very little private gun ownership. Maybe they get their guns from Dave’s Guns & BBQ in Laredo, Texas?
Jun 2005: Budvonnovsk: 140 shot in hospital
Oct 2002: Moscow: 170 killed, 650 wounded in theater in terrorist attack
Feb 2004: Moscow: 41 dead in subway bombing.
Sep 2004: Beslan: Heavily armed terrorists kill 333 including 186 kids in school
Mar 2024: Moscow: 133 killed in shootings in theater, a hundred more wounded

Other bombings in Moscow: Nov ‘96:, 13 killed, 70 wounded in cemetery; Sep ‘99: 94 killed, 180 wounded in apartment building – then four days later 130 killed, 150 injured in another apartment building blast.

There’s one thing in common with all of these terrible incidents: It’s not the weapon system. It’s just the criminals, lunatics and terrorists.

Beau Meskan


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