It looks as though we’ll be going to trial on our lawsuit challenging the Illinois gun & magazine ban on July 8th.  We’re doing this so we can build a strong foundation for a final appeal to the US Supreme Court when (not if) the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reverses a District Court ruling in our favor.

Time is tight here at we’re finishing up this next issue of GunNews, so I’m not expounding on the whole process.

From The Center Square:

Trial on merits of Illinois’ gun ban could begin July 8, attorney says

(The Center Square) – A plaintiff’s attorney suing Illinois over the state’s gun and magazine ban expects the case to go to trial on the merits in July…

Thursday [April 11th], litigants for the plaintiffs groups and the state met with McGlynn for a status and scheduling conference. Attorney Thomas Maag, who represents the Langley plaintiffs in the case, was there.

“The judge indicated that he has marked off July 8 as the presumptive trial date in this case,” Maag told The Center Square, noting that date hasn’t yet been ordered as the start of the trial. “When a judge says he’s got something marked on his calendar, that’s a pretty good indication of what he’s thinking.”

Among the announced deadlines includes any expert reports. Those are due by May 10 with another status hearing for May 15.

Maag said the plaintiffs’ experts are ready to deal with the issues at hand.

“The real point of these experts is to explain self-defense scenarios, how these firearms are useful for self defense, mechanically how they function, historical norms, historical examples,” he said.


2 thoughts on “Southern District Trial Date Expected in July in Gun Ban Challenge Lawsuit”
  1. I understand why Judge McGlynn ordered the arguments to proceed as they will. Anyone with a law degree or intelligence to understand reasoning and logic knows the ‘experts’ are an unnecessary circus. The 7th Circuit Appeals panel, Easterbunny and Dead Wood, created this ridiculousness by using the incorrect Colby decision from the 4th Circuit as their end-around to Heller (Breuen). Are the arms in question commonly owned for lawful purposes (…such as…)? If so the arms are protected by the second amendment. Therefore this f*%king circus is unnecessary and a waste of our money. Those who caused our money to be wasted in this frivolity should be personally responsible for reimbursing all parties for legal fees and those of us harmed (loss of constitutional right) renumerated for damages. Communists must be eliminated. McCarthy was right and is owed an apology. The committee should be reformed and given prosecutorial powers.

  2. Very much agreed, Jeff, just wish this thing would be finishing up on INDEPENDANCE DAY so we could again declare our Independance from the currant tyranny of the Marxist regime of the horrible Prickster and the MarxocRATS in the ILL-Annoy “ASS-embly”!
    Pray for the restoration of our God-Given, Constitutionally secured/PROTECTED enumerated Rights!

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