Ordinarily I’m not a big fan of the Armed Scholar, but he did a pretty nice job on giving a recap of where things are at in Illinois…

With the exception that he completely missed the Viramontes v. Cook County case.  It’s ten minutes well spent.



2 thoughts on “NEWS & ANALYSIS: Armed Scholar summarizes the status of Illinois cases, the US Supreme Court and how they’re intertwined with other cases”
  1. We’d like to know what you don’t like about fatboy. I’ll start. I don’t like his constant LYING in his headlines/catchlines. EVERY video starts with a breathless headline announcing “6:3 decision of the supreme court does this, or does that.” And then, if you watch his whole video, he’s just making predictions. NOT factual. NOT news. Just lies.

    Secondly, he is inarticulate. He tries to hurry his way through scripts and cannot pronounce basic Latin, or even simple legal terms, and he’s supposed to be a lawyer. “Certiorari,” for instance, is pronounced “SERSH-EEE-[OH]-RAHR-EEE. Not “sert-sho-ra-eer” or whatever he says. It’s basic. You learn it in Law Skool 101.

    His analyses are lacking in most cases. I guess for gun news, we take what we can get, but it would be nothing extra for this guy do do like Washington Gun Law or 4-Boxes Diner or the Illinois radio guy. All he would have to do is speak clearly and cogently.

    WHat are your thoughts, JB? Give voice to them. He may be watching. I post enough comments on his videos telling him to stop all the lying that he should be disbarred!

  2. Agree with Ken on this. Armed Scholar is always over stating the importance of what he has to offer. In fact, I quit watching him for this reason.
    Regarding these cases, Democrat judges have shown they will not obey SCOTUS rulings on this issue. I do not expect the Illinois Government to obey either. For the D’s, this is an existential threat that must be stopped.

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