A business leader in Chicago wrote a letter, signed by 31 business leaders, to Mayor Brandon Johnson in response to Johnson’s “solidarity” with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.  It seems as though the Mayor has time to pass resolutions through the Chicago City Council to address an issue 6,000 miles away while ignoring a bevy of problems literally under his own nose in Chicago.  And these business leaders are saying that this doesn’t make for a good business climate for companies currently doing business in the Windy City or those considering relocating.

In the letter, these business folks state the obvious:  outsiders “see the violence, they see the homicide rate…they see the looting, they see the destruction [and] the lack of accountability in the court systems.”

Gee, ya think?

Businessmen didn’t start and grow their businesses by being stupid or blind to obvious headwinds.  And having your employees get carjacked or shot on the way to work is kind of a headwind.  As are punitive taxes, government regulation, a dysfunctional legal system and a dash of looting on top for good measure.

Let’s face it, Chicago isn’t a business-friendly city, thanks to the crime, the taxes and fees, the local government regulation.  And the looting and outright theft (BIRM) at retailers.

It’s not a tourist-friendly destination either, thanks to the crime.  Although that could change if someone wanted to up-armor some limos for tours of high-crime neighborhoods.

And frankly, Chicago doesn’t make a good place to raise your kids thanks to (ahem) crime, lousy schools, more crime, high taxes and fees and local government regulation.

And now, with near-record levels of antisemitic hate crimes these business leaders have sent this letter to Johnson.

Honestly, this letter will have about as much sway with Brandon Johnson as stern letters from the UN have with disfavored leaders and governments across the world.  Besides, Johnson’s busy messing with city staffers.

From FoxNews:

Amid near-record levels of antisemitic incidents, Chicago business leaders have issued a full-throated open letter to Mayor Brandon Johnson in response to a Chicago City Council resolution calling a “permanent cease-fire” in Gaza, without fully dismantling Hamas, a designated foreign terrorist organization.

Johnson cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of the resolution, which passed 24-23 on Jan. 31.

Chairman and CEO of Jet Support Services Neil Book told Fox Digital News that the Chicago business community “as a whole was angry and shocked about this resolution.” In search of “an outlet to express their frustration” and “hold leaders accountable,” Book authored the full-page letter to the mayor, published in the Chicago Tribune on Mar. 24 and signed by 31 business leaders. The letter urges the mayor to “remember that the first responsibility of Chicago’s Mayor and…City Council is to focus on Chicago, not on a conflict 6,000 miles away.”

Book said the mayor used “his own political capital and spent his time and resources on something that he knows so little about,” rather than “addressing some of the urgent issues here in Chicago.” He explained that “it’s a hard sell” to convince business executives to come to Chicago because outsiders “see the violence, they see the homicide rate…they see the looting, they see the destruction [and] the lack of accountability in the court systems.”


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  1. I say we send the usual suspect mayor to “Palestine” with a bucket full o chitlins. Go stand in solidarity you fn’g mutt! Give the IDF a chance to drill you through your sweet spot and allow the over pressure of shit in your head to escape. The pink mist would never look better eh?

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