Chicago Police have the same right to self-defense that you and I have.  So when a man doesn’t follow officer directives on a traffic stop decides to start shooting instead of complying, CPD officers fired back.

In fact, officers on scene fired back a total of about 96 times, proving once again that ammo is cheap and life is precious.

Neither 26-year-old Dexter Reed nor his homicidal intent survived the encounter.  Now his family has hired an attorney hoping to win the ghetto lottery.

Who knows.  Maybe Chicago’s dysfunction, cop-hating leadership will write them a nice check.  If they do, it would be more money than Dexter would make doing honest work in three or thirty lifetimes, frankly.

Meanwhile, the cop-hater in chief running Chicago, Birdbrain Brandon Johnson expressed great sadness that the career criminal and would-be cop killer died.

From WGN

Mayor Brandon Johnson held a news conference late Tuesday morning, attended by representatives of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office, after COPA released the body-cam footage.

The mayor called the footage “deeply disturbing.”

“I know this footage is extremely painful and traumatic for many of our city’s residents,” he said. “It will be especially difficult for those of us living in communities where the events depicted occur all too often.

“As mayor, and as a father raising a family — including two Black boys on the West Side — I am personally devastated to see yet another young Black man lose his life during an interaction with the police.”

Johnson said he spoke to Reed’s family over the weekend. “My heart breaks for the family of Dexter Reed,” he said. “They are grieving the loss of a son, a brother and a nephew.”

The turd masquerading as a mayor claims his heart is breaking for the family of the would-be cop killer.  Yet Mayor Birdbrain the cop-hater didn’t have a thing to say about the officer seriously wounded by friendly fire.

The only thing deeply disturbing was a 26-year-old who didn’t follow police directives without question.  And who tried to murder some cops to get away.

CWB has more, including a link to the COPA report.

CHICAGO — The Civilian Office of Police Accountability released on Tuesday more than 30 videos and other pieces of evidence related to the Chicago police “exchange of gunfire” with Dexter Reed that left the 26-year-old dead on March 21.

The release includes body camera videos from all five officers who, according to officials, stopped Reed in the 3800 block of West Ferdinand for a traffic violation. CWBChicago has posted segments from the five officers’ cameras on Twitter.


In a statement issued Tuesday, COPA said video “appears to confirm that Mr. Reed fired first,” striking an officer, and the other four officers returned fire. The agency said police fired “approximately 96 times over a period of 41 seconds, including after Mr. Reed exited his vehicle and fell to the ground.” Reed’s gun was found on his SUV’s front passenger seat, COPA said.

This video, recorded by a nearby surveillance system, shows the wider picture as police conduct the traffic stop and the shooting unfolds. It appears to show Reed attempting to drive away after firing shots.

The body cameras show the officers approaching Reed’s SUV and ordering him to roll his windows down. The situation escalates as Reed begins to roll his window back up. The officers ordered him to stop and unlock his doors.

“Ok, I’m trying to,” Reed is heard saying in at least one video.

Guns drawn, the officers back away from Reed’s car while continuing to yell commands.

Suddenly, about three shots are heard, followed immediately by round after round of gunfire as police shoot at Reed and his vehicle. One officer, shot in the wrist, falls on a nearby lawn while the others alternately fire shots, radio “shots fired” calls, and scream commands at Reed.

With his SUV apparently blocked in by a parked car and a police unit, Reed emerges from the driver’s seat and walks toward the back of his vehicle.

Officers fire, and he falls to the ground. An officer continues to order the fallen Reed to show his hands as more shots resound.

During a community forum on Monday night, Chicago Police Supt. Larry Snelling told the crowd that rumors spreading on social media were inaccurate, and he promised that the department would provide the public with “context” about what the videos show.

However, the police department said in a statement on Tuesday morning that it “cannot make a determination on this shooting until all the facts are known and this investigation has concluded.”

Reed’s family and their attorneys are expected to hold a press conference midday.

8 thoughts on “PERP’S FAMILY LOOKING TO WIN GHETTO LOTTERY: Thug who shot at cops dies in hail of defensive gunfire, family now seeks $$$$$$”
  1. “I am personally devastated to see yet another young black man lose his life during an interaction with the police.”
    Yet, when hundreds lose their lives from interactions with each other, the devastation is non-existent.
    No, I didn’t capitalize “black.” I’m not a moron.

    1. Yeah, funny how it’s only when police defend their lives from gang bangers does the mayor shed a tear.

  2. Gip, I get you – “interaction with police.” Let’s draw a picture – pizzing into a fan and not expecting spray back.
    John – it’s society’s fault when the kids kill kids. When the cops kill it makes HIM look bad. He has to look sad $$$.

    1. Kevin,
      “it’s society’s fault when the kids kill kids” ???
      I would suggest it is the “parent’s fault”, but, unfortunately, kids are being “raised” by grandparents or foster parents because “baby mama” and/or “sperm-donor/baby-daddy” are incarcerated or just AWAL from offspring’s lives, and are “raised” by older siblings or street peers living in the shadows of society.
      LBJ’s welfare society has destroyed two-parent families and work ethic in subsequent generations until what we are now faced with is unproductive parasites living off of productive taxpaying citizens, taking what they want from those who have what the unproductive want.
      Pray for America and to defeat the Marxist’s takeover and destruction of our Representative Republic.

  3. Yep. Wouldn’t it be nice if this guy’s mom had taught him to respect authority. If he had only followed instructions. But he didn’t. And when he tried to kill the cops, they killed him first. No loss. No tears lost. And f*** Johnson for weeping over the death of a shithead criminal. Funny how he doesn’t experience any grief over blacks killed by blacks. Only those killed by cops.

  4. Good shoot. Times 96. Sad news about the officer downrange who caught a round in the wrist. That looked like a knarly wound.

  5. Gangs are taking the place of the family structure where dad is gone. You think dad is tough? Gangs have very strict rules and they enforce them with force.

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