Patriots United for America and the Illinois Freedom Alliance have partnered up to bring us Grassroots Rising on Saturday, April 27th in Peoria.   The event will take place at the Holiday Inn and Suites at Grand Prairie.

Why should you go?  Their speakers will share how you, one of the so-called “little people,” can make a disproportionate impact upon our government to push back against all manner of things that don’t make America great.  

Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the hosts and you’ll enjoy a number of speakers you’ll recognize including Jon Schrock, the National Field Director of the John Birch Society.  They’re doing great work enabling and empowering the little people to fight back against globalism and one-world governance in their own communities.  John Boch will talk about the attacks on our gun rights and what we can do about it to make a meaningful difference in our lives.

Nancy Hayes will share her thoughts on election integrity and how we can curtail on cheating from the Left.   Kirk Allen from Edgar County Watchdogs will no doubt share tips and tricks for preventing and if necessary exposing government corruption at the local level.  Rochelle Arnold will talk about carbon sequestration and how that’s not such a hot idea for a host of reasons, not the least of which is contamination of aquifers under our land (CO2 plus water equals…  which does what to limestone?  And then what happens?)

Mark Lang and Terry Newsome will round out the roster of great speakers.

Visit the Illinois Freedom Alliance for tickets.  I suspect that some tickets will be available at the door, but cannot guarantee it or the quantity.  So go ahead and sign up early.  It’ll be money well spent.


Grassroots Rising by Patriots United for America and the Illinois Freedom Alliance.  It’s an all day event with speakers you’ll recognize including me, Jon Schrock, Nancy Hayes and Kirk Allen among others.

11 thoughts on “GRASSROOTS RISING April 27 in Peoria: Learn how to make a BIGGER difference!”
  1. Please to be sure to give the Illinois “freedom” Alliance a huge THANK YOU for all of their work getting Democrats elected. Democrat = gun control. It’s almost like the are intentionally trying to lose so they can ask for more donations. OR, they are so tone deaf and oblivious to society they can’t understand 2+2=4 like it or not. The Illinois “freedom” Alliance is anti-abortion choice, anti-gay and anti-pot. Those positions are WAY OUT OF TOUCH with the majority modern society. Sorry.

    1. Being against killing an unborn child, not praising gay lifestyle and not thinking pot is harmless is a bad thing?

  2. Gay lifestyle? Whatever that is. It’s a made-up propaganda term just like “assault weapon” is. It’s designed to demonize the thing or person one doesn’t like or understand. Murder the unborn? Most people aren’t with you on this. Sorry. ENJOY COMMUNISM! You deserve it. I swear Guns Save Lives should change the name of its organization to Flat Earth Society to reflect its membership.

    1. You are correct there. I am not most people. I’m old enough to remember that America was a country to be proud of.
      It still is for Americans of a certain belief.

  3. Is one of these speakers going to bring up how China Joe is going to sign 2 treaties that will surrender our American sovereignty to the World Health Organization? This will give the WHO the power to dictate to American citizens what they can do to seek medical treatment for any ailment. You won’t be seeing good old friendly Doc Adams for that carbuncle they will direct you to see the doctor that they have chosen for you. Hopefully, you will get a medical doctor and not one that keeps chickens in his office and within 200 miles of your home. The WHO will tell us when we are under a pandemic order, wear your mask, isolate, keep your kids home, and work from home. One of the goals of the WHO is to eliminate gun violence because it’s a disease and we all know what that means. Now would be a good time to inform your Congressperson where your concern lies. Don’t bother with our 2 Senators they already know what’s best for you, peasant. The big signing takes place in only 47 days.

  4. 11c20, people like you are why Republicans are LOSING all of these critical swing districts. Society has moved on from your backward self-righteous control freaky ways. Enjoy 9 month abortion, loss of free speech, all of these gay people that threaten your masculinity will still be here, forced “vaccine” injections, gun control and gun confiscation because your kind are pushing people to vote D and with it communism. The morals and values crusaders are responsible for sinking our country into communism. Oh yeah, that abortion ban law from 1864 in Arizona that’s coming back………..well, that state just went to Biden and with that the election and now very likely Democrat appointments to the US Supreme Court. Enjoy the Bruen decision while it lasts. AND it’s all because you pro-lifers REFUSE to listen to practical people that like Beth said, understands 2+2=4 whether anyone likes it or not. But hey, feel free to ignore everything people tell you ideologues, you have to always be right.

  5. Philosophical only: Why do my taxes have to pay for anyone, or everyone’s, on demand abortion(s), but their taxes don’t pay for my arms (rights) of self-defense? It’s my body, my choice and my family, too.

  6. I see the pro-baby-murder trolls are out in force today. Sure, those pro-baby-murder, pro-sodomy, pro-pot “Republicans” will totally stand up for your right to keep & bear arms. If your standard of what’s right & wrong is what “most people” think, what happens when it’s politically expedient to throw gun owners under the bus too? Think those “Republicans” will hesitate for even a second to sacrifice you as well? No, don’t buy the trolls’ narrative. It only matters what God thinks. As it is written, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, But fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

  7. Beth and Scott you are wasting your time with these people. Pro-lifers, the religious right, even boot lickers have conditioned their own brain that they are correct and anyone who disagrees with them are wrong and evil. Woke left anyone?? Look at Wiley’s comment, “pro-sodomy.” This is fringe lunatic stuff! Or like someone mentioned, Flat Earth Society. You can show them 2+2=4 all day long and all they see is that it =’s 5. Hence, the reason they are labeled as self-righteous. They will continue to push people into the Democrat camp then blame anything and everything but their own alienation tactics or themselves who are never ever wrong when Biden is re-elected and our country becomes further unrecognizable. Republicans can kiss Arizona GOODBYE! They don’t get it and won’t. But the rest of us can smell the coffee. All you can do is sit back with a sign that says “TOLD YOU SO!”

    1. Thanks Steve for making God’s point for Him. Hope you’re enjoying His judgment on our country.

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