High value men are those who have great jobs, often C-suite or similar as leaders of others.  Among other attributes, they have six-figure incomes, stand close to 6′ tall and are respected by their peers as high value men.  They are the men that 80% or more of women compete for in terms of husband material.

Once a guy has reached “high value” status, there’s some rules, not the least of which is practicing discipline when it comes to exercising options outside of marriage (that’s spelled “cheating” for those slow to pick up what we’re putting down).  Don’t bring anything home to the wife and don’t get your paramour pregnant.

Brandon Johnson never was a high value man before getting elected mayor.  While he stands 6’+, he never made a hundred grand at his previous gig.  And apparently, if the rumors are correct, Mayor Johnson is not so good at practicing discipline with his own johnson, either.  Second City Cop reports that rumors are raging that Mr. Bird Brain will soon be the daddy to his fourth child.  Unfortunately, it won’t be from his wife.  Instead, it’ll be a white woman.

From SCC:

Nice job Brandon.

Is this why he’s no longer living at his former house?  Did Mrs. Johnson kick him out?

7 thoughts on “RUMORS SWIRL: Let’s Go Brandon Johnson rumored to have knocked up a white female staffer”
  1. Please don’t stoop to this kind of potty humor.

    Please keep thus blog dedicated to guns and gun related issues.

  2. it’s what pedocrats of any shade do, they can’t help themselves

  3. I want Mayor Lightfoot back I miss those song and dance routines. Man, that was entertainment. Mayor Johnson doesn’t give a shit about making his constituents smile all he cares about is making Mayor Johnson smile. Man of the people? In a pig’s eye.

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