Even after ten days of trying to push the hard-Left candidate over the finish line, Toni Preckwinkle and her menagerie of hard-Left radicals just couldn’t pull it off.    Eileen O’Neill Burke won the primary… which means she’s won the election as Cook County’s new State’s Attorney.

In a battle of the lessor evils, she probably wins.  But that doesn’t mean she’s not evil.  It means she’s just not quite as insane as the other guy who Preckwinkle wanted.

From the Slum-Times:

Fresh from clinching the Democratic nomination for Cook County state’s attorney, Eileen O’Neill Burke on Monday acknowledged she must improve her messaging in a race in which she says she was unfairly cast as the tough-on-crime candidate.


“I think a lot of the concern was unfair that I was going to be very hard on crime,” O’Neill Burke said Monday during a victory speech at the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local Union 130 hall in the West Loop. “I want to be effective. That doesn’t mean we’re going to lock everybody up.

Why do today’s hard Left Dems love crime so much?

She’s proclaiming that she’s not going to be hard on crime.  The opposite of hard on crime is soft on crime.  Haven’t Chicagoland residents had enough of that?


Obviously not.

Here’s some clips from her website:

If someone commits a crime with a gun in Cook County, they’ll meet head on with the best trained felony prosecution division in the country. Eileen will work with federal officials, our neighboring states and anyone they need to tackle the flow of illegal guns into Chicago. She’ll go after straw purchasers that sell those guns to criminals, and nobody who commits a violent offense is going back into the community to reoffend.

That certainly sounds tough.  We’ll see how long that lasts once the rubber hits the road.  Especially when Cook County judges turn loose violent offenders under the new No Cash Bail law.

Eileen knows we’ll never get crime under control without addressing its root causes—poverty, historic disinvestment in neighborhoods, and a revolving door of kids getting involved in crime early and getting stuck.

Not a word about gang violence.  Or the dysfunctional public school system and the illiterate young adults it graduates.

That’s why she’ll recruit a brand-new type of State’s Attorney in a newly fashioned Restorative Justice Bureau. That’s where juvenile, veterans, drug and mental health courts will work with government agencies to get people help, let them cross pollinate with various social service agencies and bring people back to society instead of being stuck in a life of crime.

HAHAHAHA.  ROTFLMAO.  Restorative justice?  What a farce.

Courts around the nation offer models for how to do this effectively. Washington DC has had tremendous success with mental health courts and are seeing real progress in getting people off the streets who suffer from mental health issues. DuPage County has a model drug court for the entire nation – something much needed with an epidemic of incredibly addictive drugs containing fentanyl.

These programs often cost a fraction of what it costs to incarcerate someone.  It’s a smarter way to promote safety and justice.

“Promote safety and justice.”  Instead of promoting it, why don’t you practice it, Eileen!

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  1. Think voting in IL is a quagmire now? Wait until IL switches to ranking candidates on the ballots. One or two (D’s) and (R’s) and 4 or 5 spoiler candidates per office.

  2. I’ll tip my hat to the new Constitution
    Take a bow for the new revolution
    Smile and grin at the change all around
    Pick up my guitar and play
    Just like yesterday
    Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
    We don’t get fooled again
    Don’t get fooled again, no, no


    Meet the new boss
    Same as the old boss

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