Ever dreamed of 3-shot bursts as a mere mortal without a stack of licenses from the BATF?  Well, you day has arrived.  Introducing the Franklin Armory “Trinary” trigger.  It looks like a binary trigger that allows for a third round with a second pull after firing the first shot traditionally, a second shot as the trigger is released and then that third shot.

Here, take a look.

You’ll have to get yours by travelling outside of IL as it’s a “naughty” part as classified by the unconstitutional PICA gun and magazine ban.   As such, I’d recommend paying with cash and now showing it off in social media posts.


3 thoughts on “THEY MUST HAVE GOOD LAWYERS: Franklin Armory introduces the “Trinary” trigger”
  1. I’m a little confused. If I’m understanding this correctly, on the trinary, the 3 shots come from a pull, release, pull (and nothing on subsequent release). Why not stick with the binary, and you can have a 4 shot burst, with the same trigger action?? On the binary, you can also extend further than 4 shot bursts if you makin the big bucks. The only advantage I can see with the trinary is you might be less prone to light primer strikes when you don’t have the buffer spring, hammer spring, or trigger speed tuned for optimum performance. If I’m way off base, let me know.

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