Tomorrow, Tuesday is March 19th, the Illinois Primary Election Day.  Make plans now to make sure you carve out a few minutes to cast your ballot tomorrow.

Yes, I know that the top of the ticket race for President of the US has been decided for both the Republicans (Donald Trump) and the Democrats (Joe Biden).

However, there are down ticket races that are VERY important to you life.  Everything from Congressional contests to State Representatives and Senators to races even closer to home for you in County Board contests and much, much more.

What’s more, we’ve met a lot of folks working very hard and selflessly on election integrity issues to help make sure your vote damn sure counts.

If you don’t vote, you don’t get a voice in who will represent you, no matter the party.

SO GO VOTE.  People have died to give you the right to cast your ballot.  Don’t let negative thinking or cynicism cloud your thinking.  GO OUT AND VOTE tomorrow.

Turnout is crucial and frankly some less than ideal candidates are hoping for a low turnout so they can beat far better candidates.  So make sure you get out there and vote for the best candidates that will protect and defend your Second Amendment rights.

Now figure out the best time to cast a ballot tomorrow right now and make plans to make it happen.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday is ILLINOIS PRIMARY ELECTION DAY… Make plans to vote!”
  1. Looked at our sample ballot. Other than president, every race has either one candidate, or no candidate. Republicans don’t even have anyone in the race in some of them. Rather pointless to even bother.

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