Chris Cauch was never voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in his high school class.  Nah, Chris Cauch, 43, didn’t really get with the program as evidenced by the decisions he made that ultimately led to his exciting death.  One thing’s for sure though.  He’ll be remembered.  Not as a nice guy who helped others and made the world a better place.  Instead, he’ll be known as the bully thug, armed with a nail puller, who cops shot 36 times.

Why did they shoot him 36 times?  Because 35 wasn’t enough and 37 was too many?  (It’s like prunes…  Is two enough or is three too many?)

Why else?  Probably because some of them had compassion for the hearing of the female cop inside that little room blasting away with an AR-15 along with the two hostages.  None of the three will probably enjoy classical music for a while, if ever again.

Good riddance Chris Cauch.  What a selfish jerk, causing all that distress to the hostages and the cops who had to put him down like the rabid dog he was.

UK Daily Mail has it:

Alarming footage shows the moment a fleet of cops unloaded 36 shots at a would-be robber during a hostage situation.

The incident took place this month at a Denver 7-Eleven, and saw 43-year-old suspect Christopher Cauch fatally gunned down.

Cops were called to the convenience store after Cauch took two of the clerks hostage, responding to reports of a robbery in progress and potential stabbing.

Yeah, they kinda left out that he arrived at the 7-Eleven in a ride that he carjacked.

Chris Cautch was a one-man crime wave.  And Denver PD delivered 36 rounds of taxpayer relief goodness to him before he gave up the ghost.

4 thoughts on “HAPPY ENDING: Carjacker takes hostages with nail puller; Denver PD deliver 36 rounds of taxpayer relief”
  1. If he soaked-up 36 rounds that kinda puts a dent in the argument for 10 round mag maximums.

  2. Another usual suspect goes out feet first! Stack em’ up America!!!
    Right you are Kevin!!!!!!!!

    1. Can’t find info on DPD current issued guns/ammo, but I wonder if it’s the “new & improved” 9mm ammo everybody has flocked back to.

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