The Illinois General Assembly can pass any bill with a simple majority during the spring session.  And frankly, we don’t have the votes to stop anti-gun bills.  With that in mind, along comes this glittering jewel of rabid victim disarmament from a radical gun-hating Democrat named Maura Hirschauer.

House Bill 3239 stands as one of the nastiest anti-gun bills.  Unconstitutional on multiple fronts, it would require 8 hours of training to get or renew a FOID card.  It would require purchase permits to buy guns and that process would include you paying for getting fingerprinted for each application.  Law enforcement agencies could arbitrarily reject the applications because of race, religion, sex, political affiliation or any other reason.

The slow-witted sponsor Maura Hirschauer must truly love racist, classist and sexist gun control.

Yep, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

You know, if Maura had to use her own personal (Chaturbate?) earnings to pay for the legal bills incurred by the State of Illinois to defend this bill, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have introduced it.

11 thoughts on “JUST A BILL: HB-3239 would require 8 hours of training to get/renew FOID, fingerprinting & permits for every purchase”
  1. How about a week’s worth of training before one can vote? After all, look how much damage has been done by idiots who have no clue what they’re voting for.

  2. Chaturbate?? I had to look that one up! Is she the porno politician who was then fake-insulted that she got outed?

  3. The Illinois General Assembly can and will do anything they want including violate the constitution. In fact, I think they try to violate as many rights as they can in each bill. Sort of a contest. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  4. Had to look that one up (Chaturbate), basically (Judge Judy hates that term) a live “chat” while self-satisfying, to put it simply, should have remained uninformed on that one.
    Is it time for “permit cards” to use free speech, go to church, peacefully assemble, etc.?
    The “party” of the “Totalitarians” wants to micro-manage “the citizens'” lives.

  5. Illinois pols like gun control control because it makes life safer for their constituents & relatives: armed robbers, carjackers, home invaders, illegal aliens, mass shooters, rapists. etc.

  6. Once again, legislation required at the federal AND state levels “American Rights Bill”. Any elected or appointed official who introduces, sponsors, votes affirmatively for a bill made law, or signs such bill into law, found unconstitutional shall incur the following penalties: forfeit of all pay from the inception of the bill to the date of final judgement as unconstitutional, immediate removal from office and disqualification for ANY public office elected or appointed for life, shall pay all legal fees of the plaintiff’s attorneys (campaign funds or donations are not eligible for this purpose), loss of all retirement benefits of the public office held at the time of their violation.
    If our elected officials are too stupid to understand the United States Constitution these people should suffer for their stupidity. Perhaps this civil remedy should be combined with a criminal penalty?

    1. Agreed, Jeff, criminal penalties should be added for ?insurrection?, ?treason?, ?subversion?, any and all the above? Make it VERY unpleasant for the degenerates that propose and/or pass unconstitutional bills/laws.
      Pray for America!

  7. Her bio tells us all we need to know. These are the same tactics being passed around amongst blue jurisdictions.

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